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A New Dawn

Series 2, Episodes 1 & 2

Broadcast: 15th November 2014 (part 1)
22nd November 2014 (part 2)
Starring: Hercules - Mark Addy
Pasiphae - Sarah Parish
Sarpedon - Robert Pugh
The Oracle - Juliet Stevenson
Jason - Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras - Robert Emms
Ariadne - Aiysha Hart
Dion - Vincent Regan
Medea - Amy Manson
Goran - Peter de Jersey
Rizon - Josef Altin
Critias - Thomas Coombes
Miras - Steven Cree
Derian - Ian Drysdale (part 1 only)
Cleon - Kemal Sylvester (part 2 only)
Alastor - Sam Redford (part 2 only)
Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Viewers: 5.32 million (part 1)

4.67 million (part 2)

Previous: Touched by the Gods (Part 2)
Following: Telemon

A New Dawn is the opening two-parter consisting of the first and second episodes of the second series of Atlantis, and the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of the overall series. The episodes have been written by head writer, Howard Overman, and directed by previous director, Justin Molotnikov.


Part One[]

A year has passed and much has changed. With her father dead, Ariadne is queen and finds herself at war with her old adversary, Pasiphae.

As the kingdom stands on the brink of collapse, the struggle for power is both bloody and brutal. With the future looking bleak, there is only one person Ariadne dares turn to for help: Jason. The time has come for the young warrior to fulfil his destiny. The battle for Atlantis has begun.

Part Two[]

Pasiphae lays siege to Atlantis and without the Palladium to protect it, the city looks set to fall. The last remaining hope rests with Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras, but far from home they are fighting a desperate battle of their own. As the conflict reaches its thrilling climax, nothing could have prepared Hercules for what he discovers - it throws into doubt everything he once knew to be true and is set to change the course of the future forever.


Part One[]


Ariadne at her father's funeral

A year has passed since Jason had faced down Circe and much has changed in Atlantis. A black clad Ariadne tearfully turns towards her subjects as the late King Minos' body is set alight, and a sombre funeral takes place. The new captain of the guard makes his way to the new Queen and lets her know that the town of Thera has fallen as Pasiphae has learned of the King's death. Ariadne declares that war has begun.


King Minos is cremated

Pasiphae rides with her army towards a burning Thera, her men killing every citizen they see in sight. Sarpedon locks a massive chest and raises his dagger to protect the contents after his door is broken open, only to find that Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules have come to escort him to Atlantis at Ariadne's behest. Carnage rages outside Sarpedon's door and the trio get caught up in the brawl, eventually sending Pythagoras ahead with Sarpedon out of the North Gate whilst Jason and Hercules stay behind briefly to fight and help the terrified civilians.


Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules comes to escort Sarpedon to Atlantis

Goran informs Pasiphae that Thera has fallen but Atlantis will not fall so easily. Pasiphae dismissively states that she has a plan as she walks through the wrecked city: deep within the vaults of Atlantis lies the Palladium which is the key to Atlantis' power - if the Palladium is taken from the vaults then Atlantis will fall. Pasiphae tells Goran that she has held the Palladium and felt it's power and when Goran tells her that any attempt to take Atlantis will be doomed so long as the Palladium is harboured within it's walls, she smiles slightly asking him to get his men ready when the time comes.


Sarpedon meets Ariadne

Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules and Sarpedon all ride towards Atlantis and Ariadne comes to greet her father's old friend, saying she is in need of his counsel as Atlantis faces such harsh times. She tells him any ill feeling between her father and him is now forgotten and he tells her he would be honoured to serve his queen. He informs her that Pasiphae's banishment has made her hungry for revenge and that her men are merciless.


Sarpedon's treachery is revealed as Medea emerges from the chest

In the town square, Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras are surrounded by a huge crowd whilst the larger man confidently gambles. As Hercules loses to his opponent, an intruder steals into the palace, overcoming the guards as he signals to Sarpedon who releases Medea from the large trunk in which she was hiding. She makes her way down to the vaults of Atlantis and steals the Palladium, causing a mini tremor to run through the city and for its foundations to be shaken. Rubble starts to fall as buildings crack all across the city, with Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules looking on as people flee. As Medea makes her


Medea steals the Palladium and the whole of Atlantis shakes

way out of the vaults, she is seen and so a chase ensues; she escapes, however, by vaulting off the walls of the castle and onto a dragons back. Ariadne's archers try to shoot the dragon down but fail and so the Palladium is stolen out of Atlantis.

The three are summoned to the castle where Ariadne gravely informs them that the Palladium is now in Pasiphae's hand. They are informed that Pasiphae is marching on the city as they speak and a desperate Ariadne turns to Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules asking them to retrieve the statue. After she tells them that the Colchean army is camped in the Icharia Valley, Jason swiftly gives her their


Ariadne informs the trio that the Palladium has been stolen

word that they will retrieve it, much to the bemusement of Hercules and Pythagoras. The three leave as Sarpedon asks Ariadne if she really believes that Jason can retrieve the Palladium to which she replies that he has never failed her. He also asks if she has any feelings for Jason; Ariadne turns away and states that when her father died, she swore that her duty to Atlantis would come before all else, including any feelings she might have. After Sarpedon tells her that hard choices have to be made, Ariadne tells him that the thief could not have entered the palace without an accomplice and that everyone in the palace is to be questioned as she will not tolerate any traitors in her court. She departs, leaving behind an anxious Sarpedon. Jason instructs Pythagoras and Hercules to gather supplies as they will leave at first light. He goes to visit the Oracle, who tells him that a new dawn is beginning and that although she has done her best to guide him, there are some


Jason is left reeling after his vision of Atlantis' fall

things that he needs to see for himself. Jason drinks a Kykeon and falls faint into the Oracle's arms. He starts seizing as he is overcome with a vision of a burning Atlantis, a bleeding stab wound as he looks up at a smiling Pasiphae, a broken ship named Argo on stormy waters and Atlantis drowning as Ariadne screams with blood on her hands under water. He jolts back into reality and clings to the Oracle, asking her what he saw. The Oracle tells him that it is the fate that awaits them all and last night they embarked on the first steps towards it. She also informs Jason that he is the only one who can stop it from happening as he is not like ordinary men and that he must embrace his destiny to save them.


Pasiphae comforts Medea as the Palladium falls in her hands

The dragon drops Medea off to by the Colchean army, where she tearfully goes to Pasiphae and embraces her, showing her the Palladium and saying that she's never seen anything that powerful. Pasiphae wipes her tears and tells her not to fear as Medea is the Princess of Colchis. The Palladium glows in the banished Queen's hands and she tells her niece that it can sense their power, telling her that nothing can save Atlantis now.


The trio ride to the Colchean Army

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules all ride out towards the Colchean army, with Hercules telling Jason that he is a fool for trying to risk his life just so he can win Ariadne and that he will die a fool's death if he carries on the way he's going. Jason tells his friends that this is about more than Ariadne as he has a destiny which he has been told of ever since he first came to Atlantis, and he now has finally begun to understand it.


Ariadne apologises to her father's death mask

Ariadne looks on to the death mask of her father, turning to a Sarpedon and saying that she believed the King was invincible. Sarpedon smiles fondly and tells her that that was always the case; when they were little kids, they'd jump into bull pens and Minos was always the last to jump out. He also tells her that when her father exiled him he was hurt, to say the least, as he was always loyal yet Minos had misjudged him. Ariadne tells him that her father had always regretted his decision and that he knew that Sarpedon wasn't a traitor - they are interrupted by Dion who informs the Queen that they have captured the thief's accomplice.


Dion and Ariadne look on at the beaten intruder

She makes her way down to the cells and finds the intruder who had signalled to Sarpedon and asks if he had any other accomplices but he refuses to say so she leaves, instructing Dion that he must be made to talk. The intruder and Sarpedon share a look before the nobleman stalks off, leaving the intruder bloody and beaten in the cell.


Pythagoras is adamant that the soldier should die

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules ride through the forest- when they stop to rest they find themselves in the midst of Colcheans. A fight ensues and eventually the three are successful - they hear a rustling of leaves and find an unarmed Colchean soldier hiding underneath a fallen tree. Jason goes to kill him but then refuses to kill an unarmed man who is pleading for his life, saying that he was forced to fight. Hercules goes to do the task and commands the man to pick up his sword or die like a cowards but the man refuses and so Pythagoras states that logic dictates that he must die and so he goes to do it instead. He ignores the man's pleas for mercy but eventually he relents, and so the man runs for his life.

Sarpedon enters the dungeons and quenches the thirst of the intruder. The man tells him that he has done as he was asked and will not tell his captors anything. Sarpedon tells him that he was very loyal and served him well and so he


Sarpedon poisons his accomplice

is very sorry for what he has done. As the man's mouth starts to froth from the poison Sarpedon added in the water, Sarpedon tells him that he cannot take the risk of being found out and to not fight as death overcomes him. The man stills and after he checks that he is dead, Sarpedon stalks off. Pythagoras and Hercules are camped next to a sleeping Jason, discussing his fate. Pythagoras asks if he believes that Jason's


Pythagoras and Hercules discuss Jason's destiny

destiny is real to which Hercules replies that he is faster then any man he has ever seen and he can look at Medusa without turning to stone. Pythagoras smiles at his friend and says before Jason came into their lives, Hercules was always in the tavern and would not have followed anyone. After initially denying it, Hercules says that he spent his entire life in taverns claiming to be a hero and he knows the real thing when he sees it. He says that the reason he is following Jason is so that he becomes the man he pretends to be and then asks Pythagoras why he follows their friend as it seems an entirely illogical thing to do. Pythagoras tells him that he and Jason are the only family he has and that he loves them both. Everything he does, he does for love even though it seems entirely irrational. He pauses to ask Hercules if he is crying, to which the latter responds that he shouldn't be ridiculous as he has some ash in his eye, that's all. Pythagoras presses on that he has tears in his eyes but Hercules huts him down, telling him to let him sleep.


Sarpedon listens into the Ariadne's plans

Dion walks with Ariadne, telling her that the prisoner was found dead as the men were perhaps too forceful. The Queen asks if he revealed anything but Dion negates it; however, he says that the prisoner told the men the Palladium is no longer in the city. The captain of the guards tells his queen that although her men are loyal, word of this will spread. They leave as Sarpedon appears from the shadows, having heard every word of the exchange.


Hercules and Jason find the Palladium

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules approach the Colchean army and as night falls, they steal into the camp, overcoming the guard soldiers as they weave between the tents. They spot Pasiphae exiting a tent and so they go to her tent as Pythagoras keeps watch, eventually wrestling a solider who pins him to the ground. After ransacking the Colchean Queen's tent, Hercules tears open a chained trunk and he and Jason find the Palladium. They run out of the tent and help Pythagoras push the dead soldier off of himself and they all flee the camp-site as Pasiphae approaches. She sees the dead soldier at the foot of her tent and orders her guards to seize the men who were seen escaping. A chase begins and Pythagoras has the idea to catapult themselves out of the camp-site - they land in the sea and start to run as Pasiphae's men are coming after them.

The three head for the rocks as the soldier's horses are to steep to climb up the paths. Pasiphae's foot soldiers surround them but the trio overcome. Just as they make off to run. an arrow pierces Jason's hip and he falls.


The three are catapulted out of the Colchean camp

Hercules looks up to find that the Colchean soldier who they had found pleading for his life in the woods had shot the arrow and so an enraged Hercules throws a spear which pierces the man's chest. Hercules rants how he told Jason not to let the man go and nobody listened to him - this is the result! Pythagoras pulls out the arrow from Jason's wound and tells him he needs to dress it; Jason seizes him by the collar and tells him there is no time as that the Palladium needs to go to Atlantis since he promised Ariadne and he would rather die than fail her. Hercules tells him that he won't let him die and that's an end to it and they carry a faint Jason across the rocky plain. Pythagoras tells them to wait as Jason is losing too much blood so he needs to pack the wound more tightly. They spot a cave in the rocky range which they carry Jason to.


Hercules carries Jason across a rickety bridge

Pasiphae and her men approach the dead bodies of her soldiers who the three had overcome. Goran goes down to look and finds a trail of blood from Jason's wound which he intends to follow. The trio reach a cliff bank with no way of getting across, until Hercules finds and old,rickety bridge that stretches across the canyon. With difficulty, they walk across only to find that when they had reached the other side, Pasiphae's men had caught up with them. Hercules cuts the rope that binds the bridge and so with no way to get across, Pasiphae's soldiers fire arrows at the trio who retreat into the cave as they lay an injured Jason down. Goran informs the Queen that the trio are in the cave so they are trapped. Pasiphae makes certain of it


Pasiphae causes a rock avalanche

by incanting in Greek, causing a rock avalanche that seals the entrance to the cave. She tells him to send word to the camp as they will now march on Atlantis. Hercules looks on as the cave's mouth is sealed shut. Pythagoras tries to stop Jason's bleeding and sends Hercules to gather firewood. Dion interrupts Ariadne's war council with news that the Colchean army have crossed the river of Nestos and that they will be at Atlantis by nightfall. Ariadne thanks him and returns to the council, intent on protecting her city. Meanwhile, Pythagoras has stopped Jason's bleeding and he and Hercules try and find another way out of the cave. Back in Atlantis, night has fallen and Dion looks on as the Colcheans march towards the city. Sarpedon tells Ariadne that the generals believes the army numbers 40,000 soldiers and that without the Palladium,


Sarpedon asks Ariadne to surrender

he fears the city will fall. Ariadne asks him if she should surrender and he tells her that Pasiphae is not a barbarian: she would offer safe passage for Ariadne and the others at court. An angered Ariadne asks if he believes that she fears for her life, asking how many people would die under Pasiphae's rule? She won't let her people suffer her tyranny and she retorts to Sarpedon pointing out that the soldiers know the Palladium is gone and are deserting by saying that as long as there are soldiers left, she will stand with them. She tells him that he still has faith in Jason before departing. Pasiphae walks amongst the deserters her men had caught, asking them why they deserted. They refuse to answer and so she asks them if they have lost faith in their new queen. This angers the soldiers who say they have fled because


Pasiphae walks among the Atlantean deserters

Atlantis is doomed - upon being pressed they say that the Palladium was stolen and without it, Atlantis is doomed. Pasiphae smiles and tells Goran to release them and let it be known that there will be safe passage for all those who wish to desert the Atlantic army. She walks off, saying that Sarpedon had served them well and that her men need to be readied as they attack tonight.

Hercules, Pythagoras carry an unconscious and injured Jason through the tunnels, listening to a strange roaring sound. Unbeknownst to them, a Cyclops is deep within the heart of the cave, waiting for it's next meal.

Part Two[]

The Colchean army approach Atlantis in their thousands as a worried Dion looks on. Flaming ammunition is catapulted over the battlements of the city and the soldiers on guard form a shield as the Colchean army release flaming arrows, burning the city within the walls. A frenzy begins as the the Colcheans attack, with the Atlanteans firing their arrows at the intruders. Pasiphae looks on as Medea approaches, who tells her aunt that she finds it strange the Atlanteans chose to die and that they should have surrendered when they had the chance. Pasiphae responds that Ariadne is young, inexperienced and that she will realise her mistake soon enough.

The Colchean army have infiltrated the castle and battle rages on as Sarpedon approaches Ariadne. saying that Dion has asked for reinforcements. Ariadne tells him to send the Palace Guard, ignoring his protests that the she would be left undefended. A battering ram breaks through the gates of Atlantis and carnage sweeps through the city as war rages, with Dion being seriously wounded. He encourages a young citizen to join the war effort and leaves to protect the battlements.

Meanwhile, an unconscious Jason is being dragged through the cave by Hercules and Pythagoras, who are becoming increasingly aware of the presence of something else in the cave with them. Desperately, they try to find a way out of the cave, only to find that they are getting closer to the roaring sounds. Silence falls suddenly and Hercules tremulously inches forward and is falls back as a beast roars in his face. He knocks the beast back and goes to help Pythagoras carry Jason to safety, and the latter explains that the beast is a Cyclops. Hercules tells him that they will have to outrun it but Pythagoras points out they cannot do so whilst carrying Jason. Hercules opts to draw the beast away from his two friends as Pythagoras protects Jason. The Cyclops draws closer and Jason starts to groan - Pythagoras covers his mouth hurriedly as the Cyclops is on the verge of discovering them. Just before they are found, Hercules distracts it from a far, and the beast lumbers off leaving Pythagoras and Jason alone. The Cyclops sniffs Hercules out and the latter goes to attack the beast, only to be knocked back by it's giant arm; the Cyclops grabs him by the throat and roars in his face again so Hercules hits him and sends him reeling back, before driving his sword into the Cyclops' eye. As the beast wrenches the weapon out and stumbles in pain, Hercules barrels into him and knocks him over, leaving the beast unconscious as he runs back to his friends. As he tells Pythagoras that there is no need to worry about it any more, another low roar resonates through the cave. A worried Pythagoras tells his friend that there may be more than one of them.

Dion is engaged in heavy battle as a new surge of Colcheans join the fight. He rushes to the shelter of the wounded and informs them that the city wall has fallen. To the young citizen who earlier had saved his life, he tells him to run and save himself; however, the young boy says that he will not allow his city to fall to these savages and so goes with Dion to fight.

Jason slowly regains consciousness and Hercules informs him that they are being chased by a hoard of one-eyed, man-eating monsters. Pythagoras asks them if they can smell fresh air and they all hurry towards it, only to find that the cave opening is at the end of a river far below them. Pythagoras says that the rock-face is too steep to climb and shoots down Hercules' suggestion of diving in as the water is too shallow and they will break every bone in their body. However, the roaring of the Cyclops grows closer and they all turn desperately to the river. Pythagoras states that one of them must jump in first to determine how deep the water is, only to be pushed in by Hercules who soon sends Jason after, following himself.

Sarpedon approaches Ariadne as she treats the wounds of the injured, asking how long it has been since she slept. He tells him that she whenever she closes her eyes she thinks of what will happen if Pasiphae takes the city and goes to an approaching Dion who comes bearing news that the barricades have held and the Colchean army have retreated. She asks after his men and he gravely tells her that they have paid a heavy price: many are dead or wounded and many continue to desert. Ariadne asks for the truth of what will happen when the Colcheans strike again tonight and Dion tells her that there are too few of the men to defend the city. He also informs her that they have captured some deserters and asks if she wants an example made of them - Ariadne refuses, saying if she becomes a tyrant, what is it they all fight for? She tells him to release the deserters and to return the Colchean dead to their army, turning to Sarpedon as Dion leaves and saying that they should all hope they are shown the same courtesy. She states that he believes she should have had the deserters executed but Sarpedon says that is not the person she is.

Pasiphae and Medea ride into the ruined lower city; Goran comes to inform them that the Atlanteans have retreated to the upper city. She asks him when they can attack again and he tells her that they need to regroup and bury their dead as they attack their dead. He leaves as Pasiphae tearfully approaches a body of a man lying on the street. As she turns the body over, she is relieved to find that he isn't Jason and when Medea asks what is wrong, Pasiphae responds that she thought it was someone from her past. Medea asks who and Pasiphae tearfully leaves the body, saying her son.

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules all trudge out of the river, finally free of the caves as they collapse on it's banks. Hercules asks whose idea it was to retrieve the Palladium and Jason says it was his, saying they need to return it to Atlantis. He starts to get up but collapses besides his friends, all exhausted.

Sarpedon is praying in the temple and the Oracle approaches him, saying it has been many years since she last saw him. She notices that he seems troubled and asks who he prays for. Sarpedon retreat, saying he prays for the city but is stopped by the Oracle who says no-one can save him from his own conscience. She tells him that although Minos misjudged him, he shouldn't let his mistake poison his heart. Sarpedon says he fears it is too late but the Oracle says it is never too late, watching as the nobleman retreats.

Pythagoras binds Jason's wound as he regains consciousness, telling his friend that his fall re-opened his wound. Jason thanks both of them for not leaving him and Hercules jokes that they should have done as he is nothing but trouble. Jason asks why they haven't left him so Hercules responds that it seems saving Atlantis is his job and saving him is their job. Jason pushes himself up and starts towards Atlantis wearily, swaying heavily with each step. Hercules and Pythagoras look on, wanting their friend to rest and loudly proclaiming that Jason won't be able to walk more than 10 paces. They count Jason's steps and watch on dumbfounded as Jason continues to walk, albeit with some difficulty and so they follow him, with Hercules supporting Jason as they walk towards Atlantis.

Sarpedon tells Ariadne and Dion that Atlantis is weakening, there are few men to defend it and the city's defences are in near ruin. Ariadne asks them both if she should surrender but they tell her it is her decision alone. She says she still has faith in Jason and so they must fight on. As Dion leaves, Sarpedon approaches Ariadne and tells her that the she has grown into a courageous queen. She confides her fears in him, asking if she is wrong as thousands will die. He reassures her that it isn't her fault and confesses that he helped Pasiphae steal the Palladium. A shocked Ariadne calls the guards and sends him to the cells, saying the city may fall but he will not be alive to see it.

Goran walks through the Colchean camp with Pasiphae, saying that only half the Atlantean garrison remains as many have deserted. Pasiphae says that the city should fall tonight and Goran assents. He asks what should be done with the members of the royal court and Pasiphae says that any who swear allegiance to her should be spared. Goran asks of Ariadne and Pasiphae stiffly says it should appear that she died whilst trying to escape. Goran protests that she is Poseidon's servant and Pasiphae snaps that is the reason why she cannot be seen to kill her - the people should believe that their Queen fell to her death whilst deserting them. Goran remains hesitant and Pasiphae tells him that if he does not have the stomach for it, there are plenty of people who do. He tells her it shall be done and stalks off.

The trio walk though the forest and come to the burning ruins of a village which the Colcheans rampaged for provisions - Jason says they should look for survivors but Hercules tells him there won't be any as it is the Colchean way. "Leave no man, woman or child alive" quotes Pythagoras and with renewed determination, they all walk towards Atlantis.

Ariadne looks over the wounded and Dion approaches, saying Sarpedon had asked to speak with her. They reach the dungeons and a shackled Sarpedon asks for a chance to redeem himself after the Queen tells him nothing he can say will make her forgive him. She scoffs and asks if he believes redemption is possible and he says perhaps, offering up a way to shatter the Colcheans' morale by killing Pasiphae. She points out that no-one could get close enough to her but he responds that a traitor could - Ariadne walks towards him and asks how she should know that this isn't a ploy to rescue himself. He says that he didn't have to confess but only did so because he came to find that he was fighting for the wrong side. She says they will kill him if he succeeds and he says that he will take what he did to her to the grave, whilst also taking Pasiphae to hers.

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules all walk through the forest, only to find themselves surrounded by a patrol. Believing them to be Colchean soldiers, the trio drop their weapons as they are severely outnumbered, in the hopes of drawing them close so they have a better chance at a fight. However, it transpires that the soldiers are actually from Atlantis and Jason eagerly asks them for information on the city. Miras tell him is is nearly wrecked and the trio find out that all the soldiers are deserters. He explains that although it shames them, they had to desert as the Palladium is no longer in the city. Jason asks what would happen if it were restored and reveals it, causing all the soldiers to fall to their knees in deference to the statue. Jason tells all the soldiers that if they fell shame for deserting, they can still redeem themselves by returning to Atlantis and fighting for their city.

Sarpedon walks toward Pasiphae under a peace sign, and is escorted into her tent where she welcomes him with open arms. She tells him that his loyalty will be rewarded and turns away as she opens the scroll which she believes to be Ariadne's surrender. Sarpedon approaches Pasiphae slowly and unveils the knife he had hidden up his sleeve - as he goes to attack her, Medea cries out and her eyes alight, sending Sarpedon flying back. He hits his head on a trunk and falls to the floor as Pasiphae comes to him, saying that Ariadne will be a better Queen than she will ever be. Pasiphae smiles and stabs his throat with the knife intended to kill her, saying she will only be Queen for a short while longer.

As night falls, Dion tells Ariadne that the Colcheans are preparing to attack. She tells him that she cannot order him and his men to die but he says she doesn't need to - they will fight till the last man falls. She gravely responds that she will fall with them and Atlantis prepares for battle.

The trio reach Atlantis and find the city surrounded; they watch as men are carted into the city. Jason asks what is happening and finds out that the Colcheans are returning the Atlantean dead in the hopes they get their own back. Pythagoras watches on and says maybe the do need to die after all. They all clamber down the the Colchean camp and pretend to be dead, lying on a cart that Goran sends into Atlantis. As they cross the city border, they clamber off the cart and head to the citadel.

Ariadne looks on at her father's death mask, apologising as Jason approaches her. She turns to find him and hugs him tightly, and the two share a kiss until Hercules interrupts them, giving the Queen the Palladium. She tells them that she fears it is too late as so many men have deserted; Jason reassures her that word will spread the Palladium has been restored and that she must give them hope. Ariadne walks out to the courtyard where her army are assembled and she raises the Palladium as an echoing cheer sweeps across the army. The Atlanteans reinforce their weapons and prepare to defend the city. Hercules comes across the man who had cheated him earlier in his gambles and the two shake hands as they are on the brink of death. The Queen readies some bandages and Jason comes to her, telling her that he has to go and join the battle. She says that she will pray for him and sadly looks on as he goes towards the gates.

The Colcheans march through the city streets and Pasiphae stands with Medea and Goran, telling them that he had dreamt of the day she would retake the throne. She tells Goran to give the order to attack. Meanwhile, the Atlanteans watch from the battlements, waiting for battle to commence. Hercules complains about the waiting part, wishing the Colcheans would attack so they can get the battle over and done with. Dion stalks past and says he will get his wish soon enough and a silenced Hercules turns to Jason and tells him that the Queen was very pleased to see him. A stunned Jason tells him to shut up and so Hercules asks where Miras and the other deserters are. Jason says they will come and soon the marching of the Colcheans gets louder as the advance towards the Citadel.

The archers are readied and carnage ensues as battle rages, with swords clanging down the Atlantean streets. The Colchean army seem to be over-taking the city and so the Atlanteans fall back. Jason runs into the palace and tells Ariadne to run, as there is no sign of the Atlantean deserters and it seems the Colcheans will take the castle. Ariadne tells him that she will flee if he does and he says he can't; she grimly states that neither can she, as she cannot abandon her people when they need her the most. The two share a tender moment when Jason tells her that he will do everything he can to protect her, but he doesn't know if it will be enough - she tells him that it is enough that he tried and watches as he goes to rejoin the battle.

The Atlanteans fall back further as the Colchean army continues to advance. As all hope seems to be lost, Jason and Dion retreat to protect Ariadne but are interrupted by a resounding battle cry - The Atlantean deserters have returned! With advances on all sides, Dion leads a fresh new charge and the Colcheans fall rapidly. Pasiphae watches as her soldiers limp back wounded. She spies Jason fighting in the midst of battle and soon an arrowman stands in front of her, bow ready to shoot her son. Hercules watches on as the bowman holds fire, and just as he is about to shoot, Pasiphae stabs him. Hercules is confused as to why Pasiphae saved Jason and a Colchean soldier comes running to Pasiphae, telling her they have to go. She tells him they fight to the last man but he tells her the battle is lost, and so they all flee.

As battle dies down and the Colcheans leave Atlantis, Jason turns to find Hercules standing dumbfounded in the middle of the  square. He asks his friend why he looks so grim as they have just won and Hercules turns to the spot where he saw Pasiphae save Jason's life.

Day breaks and as the hours pass, the wounded are gathered at the Palace courtyard where soldiers treat them. Ariadne looks forlornly down at her people as Jason approaches. He finds her staring tearfully out of the window as she tells him of the many lives that were lost - Jason reassures her that they died fighting for what they believed in: their Queen. She smiles grimly and says that they should thank him, all of Atlantis owes him so much as does she. Jason notices that she is holding back something and asks her what is wrong? Ariadne tells him that on his death-bed, her father told her that she must sacrifice everything she holds dearest - she is only now finding out what he meant. She looks at him and cries as she says they cannot be together since he is not of royal blood. Jason asks why it matters and she responds that Pasiphae will strike again and they can only win is she is as ruthless as her old step-mother. She informs him that many noblemen would turn against her if she married him and they are already loyal to Pasiphae; they would exploit their union and turn other men against her. She looks back at him and states that

More than ever, everything I do must serve to protect Atlantis.
~ Ariadne tells Jason they cannot be together[src]

He tells her that they can be united in that, if nothing else and leaves. Ariadne stops him as she calls out his name, saying that she is sorry and he leaves, angered.

Meanwhile, Hercules goes to the temple to visit the Oracle, who is in the middle of a minor sacrifice. She asks him what he wishes to know and he tells her how Pasiphae spared Jason's life. She tells him she cannot pretend to know Pasiphae's mind but he is adamant in finding out why she killed one of her own men to spare his life. The Oracle refuses to help him and he turns to seek out Jason and ask him; hurriedly, the Oracle protests and tells a shocked Hercules that Pasiphae is his friend's mother. The Oracle asks him that he must have known there was something different about Jason, and whilst he assents, he says he could not imagine it would be that. Hercules realises that Jason doesn't know and is told that he must never know either. He also asks if what Jason says about his destiny is true, which the Oracle confirms, saying that he, Hercules, has also been chosen to protect Jason at all costs and that he cannot fail. Hercules tells her it would be a lot easier to protect Jason if he knew who he was, but the Oracle makes him swear to her that he will never tell him. Hercules gives his word as she tells him that she has seen how Jason's heart will blacken, he will be consumed by hatred and he will be lost to them forever if he finds out the truth.

Pasiphae and her army ride through the Kalabrian Valley and she stops to look back at Atlantis, before being prompted by her soldiers to keep moving. Back at the palace, Dion approaches a saddened Ariadne and tells her that Pasiphae and a handful of her men broke through their defences, riding to the Valley. She tells him to hunt her down, saying there is no hiding place and as Dion leaves, she calls out that when he finds her, he should kill her.


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The first episode was broadcast at 8:30pm on BBC One on Saturday the 15th of November. It will be repeated on Friday the 21st of November, at 19:15 on BBC Three. The second episode was broadcast at 8.15pm, on the 22nd of November.


Part One achieved an overnight rating of 4.20million for live viewers. For final consolidated viewers, the episode received a rating of 5.32million, down 2million from last year's premiere. Part Two had an overnight rating of 3.63million, down almost 600,000 viewers from its first part.


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