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Aegina was a Greek kingdom. Telemon travelled to the City of Atlantis representing Aegina in the Coronation Games. (Telemon) In order to show her fealty to the King of Aegina, Queen Ariadne with her newly-engaged to the city with an entourage of her soldiers. However, they never made it after being ambushed by Colcheans. (The Marriage of True Minds)


In Greek mythology, Aegina was a daughter of the river god Asopus and the nymph Metope. She bore at least two children: Menoetius by Actor, and Aeacus by the god Zeus. When Zeus abducted Aegina, he took her to Oenone, an island close to Attica. Here, Aegina gave birth to Aeacus, who would later become king of Oenone; thenceforth, the island's name was Aegina.

Aegina was the gathering place of Myrmidons; in Aegina they gathered and trained. Zeus needed an elite army and at first thought that Aegina, which at the time did not have any villagers, was a good place. So he changed some ants (Greek: Μυρμύγκια, Myrmigia) into warriors who had 6 hands and wore black armour. Later, the Myrmidons, commanded by Achilles, were known as the most fearsome fighting unit in Greece.

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