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Former King of Atlantis

Part of Leper Community

Tychon shot
Gender: Male
Family: Jason (son)
Pasiphae (ex-wife)
Significant Other: Pasiphae (formerly)
Affiliation: Leper Community
Enmity: Pasiphae
Species: Human
Myth of Origin : Jason and the Argonauts
Aliases: Tychon
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Touched by the Gods Part 2
Dying of the Light
Portrayed by: John Hannah

Aeson was the former King of Atlantis, father of Jason and was the first husband and first love of Pasiphae. With help from Pasiphae, Minos usurped the throne and Aeson became a leper.


Early Life[]

During the time when he was still in love with Pasiphae, he was diseased by her and sent away from the City of Atlantis. He took his son, Jason, with him and allowed him to escape. He then became a Leper, situated in the Silver Mines of Pangeon in the Mountains of Galena.

Reunited with Jason[]

Jason and his friends Hercules, Pythagoras and Ariadne came to his company after they had escaped the City of Atlantis and saved Ariadne from her fate. He offered them shelter for a time, before Heptarian and soldiers of Atlantis infiltrated the caves. Aeson led Jason and his friends out through a back exit, allowing them time to escape the soldiers.

When Jason had been captured by Pasiphae and her soldiers, Aeson came to his aid by revealing to his wife who Jason really was. He persuaded her to save his life and took Jason back to his friends. Before long, Aeson witnessed the fight between his son and Heptarian who was soon killed by Jason's blade. He accompanied Jason and his friends as far as he needed to go before letting them return to Atlantis.

In the Dying of the Light Melas tells Pythagoras that Jason is on the border between light and dark and only Jason's father can bring Jason back to the light. At first Aeson does not come as he wants Jason to remember him as a loving father but eventually is convinced. On the way to meet Jason the camp is ambushed by Pasiphae and Jason is yet to meet his father but his friends have.