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High Priestess
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Appearances: A Girl By Any Other Name
Portrayed by: Frances Tomelty

Anysia was the High Priestess of the Maenads, worshippers of Dionysus.


Anysia, as High Priestess, often led rituals in the death of a male. She would speak words to the god, Dionysus and then feed the male to a group of Satyr inside a pit in the Temple of Dionysus. When attracting Hercules into the woods, she tried to capture him and take him to the temple, but he managed to escape. She was suspicious when Medusa claimed to have drunk the blood from his corpse. Her suspicions became true when Hercules later infiltrated the temple. Anysia decided to throw Medusa into the pit for her disloyalty.

After Jason, Pythagoras, Medusa and Hercules had escaped, Anysia decided to follow with the Satyr. When she and her followers finally surrounded Jason, she realised an unmatched power in him. Her minions were defeated and so she left his company. But while his back was turned, she returned and tried to kill him. Instead, Medusa stabbed her and in retaliation, Anysia placed a curse on Medusa for her crimes. (A Girl By Any Other Name)