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Vital statistics
Family Pythagoras (brother)
First Appearance The Furies
Portrayed by Will Merrick

Arcas was the younger brother of Pythagoras.


Early Life[]

Arcas was devastated when his father was murdered. He sought vengeance from the one who had killed him, much to his brother's annoyance.

Reunited with his brother[]

Arcas came to the City of Atlantis in search of his brother. He quickly became friends with Jason and Hercules and was even enrolled into joining them on their journey to Helios. When preparing to leave and meeting their leader Nilas, Arcas saw Otus with the mark of a murderer and believed him to be from their home place Synas. He attacked Otus, but was restrained by his brother. He was forced never to do it again.

In the desert, the group arrived in caves owned by the gods, Furies. Arcas knew that Gods would hear him and avenge his father's untimely death. He decided to plead their help. The Furies arrived and followed the group everywhere. When Nilas was swallowed by one, Pythagoras revealed to his brother that he had killed their father. Arcas decided he would never forgive his brother, considering the emotional bond he and his father had. Taking a horse, he decided to leave company with the others.

However, Baucis and Philemon followed him and he was persuaded to return. By now, the Furies were getting nearer. Before Pythagoras could be taken however, Arcas decided to forgive him and he was set free. They continued their journey in peace and when reaching Helios, Arcas decided to stay where he was. (The Furies)