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Appearances The Price of Hope

Atalanta was a follower of Artemis who lived in the Forest of Calydon.


Atalanta was abandoned as a infant and left in the wood. Artemis looked after her and taught her to survive and hunt. Atlanta first spotted Jason and Pythagoras shortly after they passed through Artemis grove but didn't reveal herself to them. She later saved them from the Scythian group near the Temenos. Using her skills, she managed to kill all the Scythians quickly with her bow. She then treated Jason's wounds with her magic; when he inquired she explained to Pythagoras that her powers were supported by the Goddess, Artemis. Atalanta revealed that Artemis had told her that their paths were destined to cross again later hence why she had saved them.

When Hercules approached, she believed it was more Scythians and went to investigate. She learnt about the groups intentions, travelling so far from the City of Atlantis. She left them while they were sleeping before morning broke, leaving several pigeons roasting for them to eat. And hidden watched them as they left the forest.. (The Price of Hope)

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Healing: Through the support of Artemis, Atalanta has the power to heal others through magic. She does so to Jason, after he is badly wounded in the leg, following fighting several Scythians.
  • Archery: Atlanta is an incredible Archer, taught by Artemis the Goddess of the hunt herself. She was able to kill multiple opponents in less than a minute.