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The Atlantis amphitheatre is a place where Atlanteans visit for entertainment. One of the events in the amphitheatre is bull-leaping, which is a skill overseen by the god Poseidon. In these events, King Minos and Queen Pasiphae often watch. (A Boy of No Consequence)

King Minos hosted the Pankration here in honour of the marriage of his daughter, Ariadne to Heptarian, who competed in the competition. Jason, however, won in the end. (The Rules of Engagement)

Over a year later, following Minos' death, the Coronation Games were hosted by the newly crowned Queen Ariadne, with various warriors from across Greece and beyond participating. It was won by Jason, chosen champion of Atlantis, who defeated Prince Telemon of Aegina in the final. (Telemon)

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