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The Atlantis marketplace was one of the busiest locations in the City of Atlantis and used by many civilians to buy their wares. It was located largely within the city and even stretched down to the city gates.



Jason walking through the stalls.

Jason was chased by a Two-headed Lizard through the marketplace before killing it near a stall. Later, he and his friends, Hercules and Pythagoras were chased by Hunting Lions through the same streets. (The Earth Bull)

Jason confronted Heptarian in the marketplace to protect one stall owner, Gallus. (A Boy of No Consequence)

Medusa helped Jason find suitable food for Oedipus who was in need of feeding after Jason chose some inappropriate meals. (Twist of Fate)

Ariadne was escorted by Jason through the marketplace in order to escape the city and head for the Mountain farmstead where he brother, Therus, was waiting. (White Lies)

During Jason's time of transformation during into a Kynikoi, he haunted the marketplace, killing any who passed through it during the night. (Hunger Pangs)