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Vital statistics
Affiliation Philemon
First Appearance The Furies
Portrayed by Hasina Haque

Baucis was a thief.


She joined a group of people crossing the desert from the City of Atlantis to Helios. She attracted attention due to the way she was mannered, which contrasted the stereotypical female. During the trip, she quickly gained friendship with Philemon, who had been knocked over by Bandits. She beat up the Bandit who had attacked him and then dragged him to safety.

Later, when the group had escaped the caves from the Bandits, she stole the Chest of Gold looked after by Hercules. However, during her time away from the group she was attacked and the chest was stolen from her. When the group found her again, they debated whether to bare her presence again. Philemon was keen to look after her himself and promised that she wouldn't escape again.

She was allowed to join them on the rest of the journey despite her mistrust. She succeeded in escaping the Furies in the caves and when arriving in Helios, Philemon and her bonded. (The Furies)