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Appearances: Pandora's Box
Portrayed by: Gemma Jones

Campe was a creature located in Campe's lair in Tartarus.


She was in Tartarus to protect the Pandora's Box from capture. One night in the Underworld she was greeted by JasonHercules, and Cyrus who, had come to take the box from her, to bring it to Kyros .  After being defeated by Jason's ever impressive fighting skills, she used her dying breaths to warn them that opening the box would cause tremendous consequences; and to awake the dead who came to consume the visitors as they tried to escape the series of caves. (Pandora's Box).


Campe was an extremely powerful creature. She was physically quite strong and could nearly knock a fully grown human out with a single blow. She was immensely remorseful and didn't refrain from showing sheer solemnity when Jason tried to steal Pandora's Box. She also showed loyalty and protected the Box without dissuasion for thousands of years. She was also very powerful and managed to wake the dead of Tartarus to attack Jason and his companions.


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In Greek mythology, Campe or Kampê (Greek: Κάμπη "crooked"; confer καμπή "a twist, a bend") is the name of a fearsome chthonic drakaina (she-dragon). Called the Nymph of Tartarus (Ταρταρία νύμφη), Campe was the most loyal servant of Cronus, leader of the Titans and ruler of the Universe. Cronus tasked Campe with guarding the Hekatonkheires and the Cyclopes in Tartarus. She was killed by Zeus when he freed the Cyclopes to help him in the battle with the Titans.