Atlantis Wiki
Vital statistics
Affiliation Maenads
Enemies Jason
Occupation Cook in Atlantis palace
First Appearance A Girl By Any Other Name
Portrayed by Shelley King

Celandine was one of the Maenads and also worked in the city of Atlantis in the palace kitchens as a cook.

When Jason came to interrogate her about the disappearance of Demetria, she took him to the nearby forest, where she said that the serving girl would have searched for herbs. There, to protect the Maenads, she tried to kill Jason with a dagger, but failed. Jason confronted her but she ran, managing to lose him temporarily as she hid behind a tree. As a punishment for her failure, she poisoned herself, but in her dying words she claimed Demetria would be better where she was. (A Girl By Any Other Name)