Atlantis Wiki
Vital statistics
Died Stabbed by Palos
Affiliation Bull Court
Enemies Queen Pasiphae
First Appearance A Boy of No Consequence
Portrayed by Ciaran Griffiths

Cyrus was a man taken into slavery because he was a thief and forced to take part in the Bull Court.


At first Cyrus was sworn enemies with Shabaka. However by the end of the team's first round with the bull Cyrus became good friends with the outsider, which showed what a good job Jason had done when trying to bring the team together.

Cyrus was friends with Elpis before coming to the ring. She told the Atlanteans that they were friends in slavery and he would often steal things for her. So she was devastated when he died partly because of her involvement in a plot to destroy Jason.

Cyrus was killed by Palos when the leader discovered Cyrus talking to Elpis about what she did to Jason. Elpis walked away and Cyrus explained to his leader what exactly happened. Palos appeared at first to be have good intentions, but instead as Cyrus started to walk away Palos stabbed him in the back and later blamed it on the bull. (A Boy of No Consequence)

In the Underworld, Cyrus met Jason and Hercules again and promised to help them on their quest to find Pandora's Box. He lead them all the way into Tartarus right to Campe's lair. After retrieving the box he even helped them escape the caves by using the horn. (Pandora's Box)