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Gender: Male
Family: Icarus (son)
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Price of Hope
Portrayed by: Robert Lindsay

There is no shortage of hope in the world. There is a shortage of brains.
~ Daedalus[src]

Daedalus was a physician and inventor in the City of Atlantis. He was renound as a genius, well beyond even Pythagoras level. This caused him to view the majority of people as annoying. 


Pythagoras and Jason came to him for assistance when they wanted to decipher the markings on the Pandora's Box. He quickly came to dislike Jason for his inquisitiveness in Daedalus' workshop. He kept scriptures, which used the similar Ancient tongue from the box. After a slow examination, Daedalus finally revealed that the writing said, in order for those who were cursed to be cured, the lover of those cursed needed to sacrifice their life. He then admitted although he considered Hercules an idiot, he felt sorry for him. (The Price of Hope)


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In Greek mythology, Daedalus (/ˈdɛdələs ˈdiːdələs/; Ancient Greek: Δαίδαλος Daidalos, perhaps related to δαιδάλλω "to work artfully"; Latin: Daedalus; Etruscan: Taitale) was a skillful craftsman and artist. He is the father of Icarus, the uncle of Perdix and possibly also the father of Iapyx although this is unclear.


  • He had a son called Icarus, whom he believed was unskilled.
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