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Ariadne's council
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Appearances: A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
The Marriage of True Minds
The Day of the Dead (undead)
Portrayed by: Vincent Regan

We fight until the last man falls.
~ Dion[src]

Dion was the commander of Queen Ariadne's forces and a member of the royal council following the death of her father, King Minos.


He informed Queen Ariadne of Pasiphae's movements near the city of Atlantis and also helped capture and question an intruder in the palace, Derian. (A New Dawn Part 1)

During the battle for Atlantis, Dion fought on the front line, and was injured by a passing blow from a Colchean soldier. He was briefly tended to by Critias before he returned to the palace to inform the Queen that she keep herself safe from the army. When Jason and company returned with the Palladium, he fought alongside them, and when the deserters ambushed the Colchean army, Dion celebrated with everyone else over their victory. (A New Dawn Part 2)

Dion persuaded Ariadne to choose Jason as the champion to represent Atlantis as he was considered the best swordsman in the city. During the Coronation Games, Dion watched from his vantage point in the royal box. (Telemon)

He led the entourage that was to escort Queen Ariadne to Aegina, however they were ambushed near Thera. Dion was badly wounded and was forced to limp slowly with the group as they found shelter inside a necropolis. There due to his wounds, he died, but before he did, he got the chance to assure his queen that she would be fine without him. (The Marriage of True Minds)

Unfortunately, when Pasiphae rose the dead, her spell also rose Dion. In his undead state he found his former friends, but as none of his former self remained he attacked them and bit Diagoras, infecting him with the curse. (The Day of the Dead)


  • Swordsmanship: A seasoned warrior, Dion is a skilled swordsman, able to take down multiple opponets in succession. He managed to survive the Colchean assult to its final stages.
  • Leadership: Dion is a skilled leader, more than capable of leading an army and knowing how to motivate and uttilise men.
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