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Eunapius full
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: Pandora's Box
Portrayed by: Julian Glover

Eunapius was a hierophant of Persephone's cult. He lead a group of people who still believed in the culture of his god.


When Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras arrived in his temple, he was afraid they would bring violence as others had done before. He warned them that he was protected from any attack. However, after some persuasion from Jason, he agreed to take him and Hercules to the Underworld by revealing a powerful ritual.

He told them to first cleanse their bodies. Then, give an offering of themselves to the Goddess Persephone. Then drink from the vial of Kykeon, which put them into a deathly sleep. He then gave them a horn, which when blown, could be heard by all crows in the living world and allow Pythagoras to know when to give a drop of his blood to his friends. (Pandora's Box)