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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Family Orpheus (Husband)
First Appearance ("The Marriage of True Minds")
Final Appearance ("The Day of the Dead")
Portrayed by Sian Thomas

Orpheus may be blind but he sees more than any man I have ever known.
~ Eurydice[src]

Eurydice is a merchant, wife of Orpheus and helper of Jason.


Eurydice is travelling with Diagoras and Orpheus delivering goods to the next town. Jason stops them and pretends to be a merchant selling pots who has just been robbed. They agree to let Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules, Ariadne and Dion travel with them until they reach their destination


Eurydice died in the Catacombs after being bitten by Diagoras. To avoid her being turned into the living undead Orpheus stabs her through the heart.