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Jason's submarine being sucked towards a bright white light.

One minute I was on the sub, and there was something in the water, a white light, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up on the beach...
~ Jason[src]

The gateway is the means of passing between the Worlds. Shortly after his birth, Jason was taken from his world to another by his father in order to keep him safe. In this other world, Jason's father had disappeared after taking a submarine down into the ocean.

Years later, once Jason had matured, Jason took a submarine down from the boat of his uncle Mac to find the wreckage of his father's sub. He found some wreckage with The Oracle written on it in black letters, then saw the gateway, which appeared as a bright white light, and was transported back to the world which he would learn was his own.

Meeting the Oracle herself, Jason was sworn to secrecy that he tell no-one that he had journeyed through the gateway. (The Earth Bull)