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Hecate was the goddess of Witchcraft, she had great power and she was worshipped by the Witches of Caucus who were known for their sorcery skills and wisdom. Circe used this goddess as a sign that Jason must keep an oath to kill Pasiphae, her sister. (The Song of the Sirens)

As her servants, she transformed them into Kynikoi who were constantly hungry and devoured anyone in their path. Jason was transformed into one of them after committing sacrilege against the Goddess. (Hunger Pangs)


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Hecate or Hekate (/ˈhɛkətiː, ˈhɛkɪt/; Greek Ἑκάτη, Hekátē) is a goddess in Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding two torches or a key and in later periods depicted in triple form. She was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, dogs, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery. In the post-Christian writings of the Chaldean Oracles (2nd-3rd century CE) she was regarded with (some) rulership over earth, sea and sky, as well as a more universal role as Saviour (Soteira), Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul. She was one of the main deities worshipped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family.