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Heptarian full
Gender: Male
Family: Pasiphae (Aunt)

Circe (Aunt) †
Jason (Cousin)
Medea (Cousin)

Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Oliver Walker

Heptarian was Pasiphae's nephew and cruel to people. It is mentioned that he is Poseidon's Servant and morally protected by the gods, but whilst Jason uses this ability to help people and Pasiphae uses her powers and rights to achieve her villainous goals, he alternatively uses it to bully and oppress people around him. He was due to marry Ariadne as part of Pasiphae's plan for total domination of Atlantis, but this is thwarted by Ariadne's refusal to marry him. He leads Atlantis's army as a military general.


Heptarian was the psychopathic general of Atlantis's military force. He is first encountered by Jason when he pointlessly abuses an old man. Jason intervenes and Heptarian attacks him, but is quickly defeated by Jason. After recovering from the fight, Heptarian orders his opponent's arrest.

When the incident was brought to court, Heptarian arrogantly smears the court case in his favour so that Jason is sent to the Bull Pits. He is revealed to be betrothed to Ariadne - who finds him brutal and obnoxious - and Pasiphae's right-hand man. He expresses calm fury when Jason survives the bull pit.

On the day of Heptarian's betrothal to Ariadne, a Pankration is held. Heptarian enters to prove his talent to Ariadne - even though he does not need to, because he has won the Pankration every year since he was small. He is widely disliked by the crowd of Atlantis, who already hate him because he is brutal, violent, and has no sense of honour.

He eases through every single fight in the Pankration - however, he only cares about winning and not about whether or not the crowd admire him, which they don't. When Jason reaches the final, the two of them are pitted against each other in a brutal fist fight, which Jason eventually wins. Because of his loss to a man like Jason, Ariadne refuses to marry him, infuriating Pasiphae.

When Pasiphae takes control of Atlantis, and Ariadne escapes prosecution and execution, Heptarian relentlessly pursues the group, going so far as to kill the other military leader, Ramos, in a duel when the latter tries to stop him. When he comes across a clan of lepers, where the group are hiding, he attacks them, but is separated from his troops. In the resulting chase, he is critically wounded by one of the lepers.

He then stalks Jason through the forest, Jason being also extremely wounded. He ambushes Jason at night, and the two of them engage in an intense sword-fight. The two of them appear evenly matched and further injured by one another during the duel, but eventually Jason succeeds in killing Heptarian.


Heptarian was a vindictive, selfish, spoilt, bigoted, malicious, violent, arrogant, cynical and sycophantic bully. He was very boastful and opportunistic over the fact that he was labelled Poseidon's servant, and saw it within his right to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants, since he knows that, given his title and position, there will be no consequences on his part at all.

Heptarian was a cold-demeanoured sadist who killed and hurt people without mercy. He was obviously very charismatic and led Atlantis's army with surprising talent. He knew no more morals than Pasiphae did, since during the Pankration he deliberately cheats and brutalises his opponents with malicious intent. This makes him unpopular among the people of Atlantis, a factor he evidently doesn't give any thought to.

As a soldier, he was exceptionally skilled with a sword, having risen through Atlantis's military ranks to the point of being a general. He was highly skilled with a knife and wins all but one of his fights in the Pankration. On this occasion, he does also show talent in unarmed combat, talent that emphasises unorthodox and unnecessary brutality and also trying to determine the weakness of his enemy. In his first fight with Jason in the streets of Atlantis, Heptarian was taken by surprise and Jason easily beats him. However, during the Pankration, Jason is almost killed but Heptarian loses his concentration completely and Jason is able to defeat him. He only loses his final duel with Jason because he was already suffering from a mortal wound.


  • Heptarion has surprising similarities and differences with Jason:
    • Both of them are Atlantis residents
    • Both of them are superb leaders of their respective groups
    • Both of them engaged in the Pankration
    • Both of them become engaged with Ariadne, but unlike Jason, Heptarian wasn't marrying for love
    • Both of them are Servants of Poseidon
    • Jason has a strong sense of honour, whilst Heptarian has absolutely none
    • Both of them are extremely skilled and learned in swordsmanship and unarmed combat - Heptarian is the more brutal, unorthodox and dishonourable than Jason
    • Both of them are, in some way, used by Poseidon
    • Throughout their appearances in the first series, they are shown to be increasingly masterful in combat to make their final confrontation at the end of the series more exciting, climactic and intense.