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Hercules full
Gender: Male
Significant Other: Medusa (love interest)
Affiliation: Jason
Enmity: Pasiphae
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: All of Series One
A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
The Marriage of True Minds
The Day of the Dead
The Grey Sisters
Portrayed by: Mark Addy

Whoever heard of a hero called Jason? It's a ridiculous name. Now Hercules, that's a name to father a legend.
~ Hercules to Jason.[src]

Hercules (Greek: Ἡρακλῆς, Hēraklēs) is an inhabitant of the City of Atlantis and a friend of Jason and Pythagoras. He considers himself to be a brave warrior but is, for the majority of the time, incompetent, though he occasionally shows signs of bravery and good morals.

Hercules is a legendary figure of myth in the futuristic "Other World" in which Jason was raised.

Following the Siege of Atlantis, Hercules learnt from the Oracle that his destiny was to protect Jason from the truth that Pasiphae was his undisclosed mother.


Early Life[]

Hercules's father used to tell stories of his adventures, which Hercules adored to listen to. One time, Hercules was given a tooth, plucked from the beast, Cerberus himself, or so he said. (The Song of the Sirens)

Although it has not been confirmed, it implies that Hercules' father was actually the mythological Hercules who accomplished the twelve labours, including capturing Cerberus. It is possible that Hercules inherited the name of his father and later took his father's exploits for himself, like when he taunts Jason and Pythagoras about the fact he defeated the Nemean lion in (Touched by the Gods). Slaying the Nemean lion was indeed the first labour achieved by the mythological Hercules.

Friendship with Jason and Pythagoras[]

Hercules first met Jason when the newcomer arrived in his house. He was concerned about allowing the man to stay there, but complied in the end to Pythagoras. Before the event of choosing stones, Hercules tried to escape in the night, but was found and restrained by Pythagoras and Jason. After a chase by the Hunting Lions of Atlantis, he returned home.

At the event, Hercules is happy to retrieve a White stone, meaning that he is safe and will not fight the Minotaur. He is soon persuaded by Pythagoras to help Jason with his task as he stole the mathematician's stone to sacrifice his own life. Hercules is forced to comply and he brings weapons to the mouth of the Labyrinth to help Jason, but they are unfortunately captured by Ramos.

Inside the Labyrinth, Hercules was frightened and when the tributes dispersed, he found his way miraculously back to the entrance quickly. When the three of them were rewarded for their valour in the Labyrinth by King Minos himself, Hercules tried to take all the credit. (The Earth Bull)

Hercules was responsible for some stock kept inside a storage space, which was to be picked up by Karpos, a merchant. However, after sleeping through the night after heavy-drinking, he awoke to find a goat licking his cheek and the stock gone. He was blamed by Jason and Pythagoras for his lacking. From then on, he tried to escape the merchant.

Atlantis-1.2013.1x02.A.Girl.By.Any.Other.Name.HDTV.x264-FoV.mp4 snapshot 25.43 -2013.10.07 12.44

Hercules and his friends in the Forest of Nysa.

He used finding Itheus' daughter Demetria as an excuse to leave the City of Atlantis to travel to the Forest of Nysa and then on to the Temple of Dionysus. During a night in the forest, Hercules followed his senses to a trap where he was almost caught by the Satyr. When he returned to Jason and Pythagoras he claimed to have been saved by Demetria.

Stupidity brought him to the temple to find the girl, but he mistook her for another and the three were trapped by the Maenads. He and Pythagoras were sent to a cell. They were finally released by Jason and Medusa who wished to help them find the girl.

Hercules felt responsible to take Demetria back through the forest himself, however, to escape, Demetria bit his hand and ran away. Hercules watched from afar as his friend Jason was threatened by the Maenads, but he managed to hold out. When returning home, Hercules continued to avoid Karpos, and was successful for a time. (A Girl By Any Other Name)

Hercules was forced into capture by Jason as he fought against one of the high lords of Atlantis, Heptarian. In order to protect Jason, in front of King Minos he explained that Jason was merely new to the city, but it backfired and he was taken to the Bull Courts like Jason and Pythagoras.

He was at first happy to be a part of the event, until he realised what bull-leaping entailed. His first attempt was a failure and so in order to survive, they needed to work together.

Hercules and Shabaka

Hercules and Shabaka inside the Atlantis amphitheatre.

When it became clear that there was a plot to kill Jason, Hercules agreed to withstand it, however, when it was suggested that he should speak to Sophia, who was one of his "women" whom he had tried to leave, he reluctantly complied. He asked Sophia if she would give Medusa a message.

Hercules jumping bull

Hercules successfully jumps the bull.

At the event of bull-leaping, when he noticed that Jason was hurt, he used his confidence to call the bull towards him. Running up to the bull, he managed to make it, while landing in a heap on the other side.

He was relieved to understand that Poseidon had spared his life. After the event, he and his friends were released and he said goodbye to Elpis and Shabaka, their company in the Bull-Court. (A Boy of No Consequence)

When finding a baby in the Forest of Nysa, Hercules was unsure they should help the baby, because there were many reasons why mothers abandoned their babies. However, he became acquainted with the baby quite quickly and agreed to take care of him.

In their house, Hercules helped feed the baby and slept with the boy to keep him warm. When Medusa came to help the three of them with caring for a child, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by her presence. In consequence, he told the baby about his relationship with her and revealed his feelings. When it came to pass that guards were looking for the baby he agreed to keep the baby safe and carried him through the city to avoid the Atlantean guards. On one tower, Hercules was forced to give the baby to Jason and he tried to distract the guards away from that direction.

He later arrived in the Sacred Way Tavern where Jason and Pythagoras were looking after the baby. The underground chamber was entered by Tiresias and Jocasta whom Hercules was unsure of. He questioned them on why they would abandon a baby until he realised that it was not Jocasta's choice. He then gave her her baby. Jason suggested that they take the baby to safety and Hercules agreed to go with him. Under the advice of Tiresias they set off for Zephlon where they passed over Oedipus to Critias. Hercules was unsure about leaving the boy, but did so anyway.

Returning to Atlantis, Hercules decided to go and see Medusa in a surprise visit. He was advised not to, but he didn't listen. (Twist of Fate)

Hercules was psyched when he picked up a Dung beetle, which he named Astrabacus. He used the insect as a gambling tool in the city in order to both impress Medusa and indefinitely end their debt. He was confident Astrabcus would win because of talk about the small insect,and this became true as Astrabacus won the first round, earning them some wares.

Embroiled in the plan to help Princess Ariadne's brother Therus reach his sister, Hercules decided to take Astrabacus inside a small bowl, which he filled with dung. He used this as transport to carry the insect all the way to Synas in the Forest of Nysa. Protecting the small creature, he was almost killed by Atlantean guards who came looking for Therus. He managed to escape with the others to a Mountain farmstead in the Forest where he could look after the beetle better.

He became angry with Pythagoras when the beetle was dropped out of his transport, but they soon found him again. Returning to Atlantis, they tried gambling once more, but this time lost. Hercules was reluctantly forced to give up his shirt and insisted that the beetle was not Astrabacus, but in fact another beetle altogether. He left with his dignity tainted. (White Lies)

Love of Medusa[]

To try and capture Medusa's heart, Hercules faced Lysis in a wrestling match. It didn't go well, and suddenly Hercules found himself losing his beloved. When he and his friends returned home, he overheard them talking about him and why Medusa probably wouldn't take him as a mate. Fuming, Hercules decided to visit the Temple of Aphrodite where he could pray for Medusa to love him sometime in the future.

When returning from the temple, Elias, a friend of his, told him that he wouldn't be able to find answers with gods. He told Hercules about the witch, Circe and how she would provide what he needed using enchantment. Hercules was unsure to begin with, but then it dawned on him that this could be the only answer. The next night, he left Atlantis in order to travel to Circe's cave on a mountain nearby. When he met her, he was surprised to discover that she knew a lot about him already.

He gave Circe his most prized possession as a sign that his ask was important. He explained that he wanted Medusa to love him. Circe explained that this was a hard enchantment to give, but she gave him a container, which contained the Song of the Sirens who sang a melody, which would turn those who heard it to love the first person they see. Hercule was pleased to take it and he as he walked home, he was excited to begin.

The next morning, he visited Medusa in the Atlantis palace. He opened the container and suddenly, Medusa fell in love with him. They agreed to go out together and enjoy the citylife. She even stole food from the palace in order for them to enjoy a lovely meal. However, Hercules suddenly found Medusa very ill, and he was forced to put on his bed as she began to grow rashes and swelling across her face. and body. He knew that this was the work of the witch and decided to return to Circe after telling Jason and Pythagoras about his mistake.

When he arrived, he tried approaching the witch forcefully, however, he was blown away using magic. He learnt however, that his task was yet to be explained, and Circe transformed into a pig. It wasn't until Jason had lifted the curse, that Hercules was set free from his animal cage. But, when returning to Atlantis, it was revealed that Medusa didn't like him anymore and hated him for what he had done. (The Song of the Sirens)

Unintentionally, Hercules let slip that the Princess Ariadne would be wed to Heptarian, which he hadn't realised would upset Jason. He was specifically excited for the Pankration where he explained drinks were free. When Jason decided to take part in the actual physical competition, then Hercules became a little more skeptical. Despite his reluctance, Hercules agreed to help Jason through the rounds by psyching him up in preparation for each match.

He and Pythagoras prepared a fake Pankration, to avail, which allowed Jason to develop his skills tremendously. Hercules also supported Jason in the Atlantis amphitheatre where he cheered him on. Meanwhile, he was also trying to avoid Medusa, despite still having feelings for her. He was embarrassed to find that she was talking to him later.

He congratulated Jason on his victory in the Pankration and as they travelled through the marketplace, he found himself being protected verbally by Medusa herself from Jason and Pythagoras' insults. (The Rules of Engagement)

Personality and Traits[]

Hercules is quite selfish in is own way and brags that he is a brave warrior. He even claims that his name is better than Jason to "father a hero". In truth, he is scared of death and even runs when his life is in danger. (The Earth Bull) As opposed to Jason's honour, Hercules is more willing to do the dishonourable thing, he is however to an extent more practical but can also be impulsive. (A Girl By Any Other Name) Despite this Hercules proved to be loyal to his friends. (A Boy of No Consequence) Hercules also proves to be quite naturing towards children, as discovered when they found Oedipus. He also proves to be quite cunning as shown by him outwitting and escaping the palace guards (Twist of Fate) His caring side stretches to other creatures including his pet dung beetle, Astrabacus, whom he believes to have a racing talent. (White Lies)

Over his time since knowing Jason, however Hercules begins to improve and starts becoming closer to the hero he claims to be. He becomes more willing to stand and fight when faced with danger, and also more willing to risk his life for his friends. Although he normally refuses to admit it and rarely shows it, he does generally care about Jason and Pythagerous, and rushes to there aid when he they are in danger (The Furies ,Touched by the Gods)

In terms of religion, Jason once saw Hercules praying to the god of Poseidon in the Temple of Poseidon, proving he follows the city's faith. (The Earth Bull)

Hercules is known to have a few drinks in the tavern and Pythagoras questions his aptitude because of it. (The Earth Bull) He also really likes pies (The Rules of Engagement). Hercules also has a thing for women, having had affairs with several, including the Blacksmith's daughter, Maia the Bakers daughter and Sophia. (A Boy of No Consequence) Never the less he genuinly falls in love with Medusa, and spends a long while trying to win her affections. (A Girl By Any Other Name, Song of The Sirens, Pandora's Box)

Despite his size, Hercules is in reasonably good physical condition, being strong enough to knock down a Satyr and out run several of them. (A Girl By Any Other Name) He later out ran a bull and was able to jump over one (after some practice) although he still fell on his face when he landed. (A Boy of No Consequence)  

He has a habbit of suggesting that they all run away from the city and grow beards when they're in danger. (The Earth Bull, Touched by the Gods)



Finding boredom in one's work is to be relished. It means you are being paid to do nothing.
~ Hercules[src]

I'm not fat, I'm big boned.
~ Hercules to Jason and Pythagoras.[src]

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