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Vital statistics
Occupation Servant of Ariadne
First Appearance Hunger Pangs
Portrayed by Lou Broadbent

Ione was the new servant of Ariadne after the tragic death of Korinna. She was secretly a spy working for Pasiphae.


When finding her mistress taking a sack of silver out of the palace, she questioned her. She then promised not to speak of it to anyone. (Hunger Pangs)

Later while clearing Ariadne's room, she found the bloody rag that Ariadne had used to clean Jason's wounds, believing she could trust her, Ariadne revealed the truth. Ione convinced Ariadne to let her take it to be burned, however instead she gave it to Pasiphae and told her about Ariadne's confession. She later gave statement against Ariadne during her trial. (Touched By the Gods Part One)