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Rightful Heir to the Throne of Atlantis
Jason full image
Gender: Male
Age: 23/24
Family: Aeson (Biological Father) †
Pasiphae (Biological Mother)
Circe (Aunt) †
Heptarian (cousin) †
Ariadne (step-sister)
Therus (step-brother)
Medea (cousin)
Significant Other: Ariadne (wife)
Medea (kissed)
Affiliation: Pythagoras
Enmity: Pasiphae
Species: Human
Myth of Origin : Jason and the Argonauts
Aliases: Rightful Prince of Atlantis
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Earth Bull
A Girl By Any Other Name
A Boy of No Consequence
Twist of Fate
White Lies
The Song of the Sirens
The Rules of Engagement
The Furies
Pandora's Box
The Price of Hope
Hunger Pangs
Touched by the Gods Part 1
Touched by the Gods Part 2
A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
The Marriage of True Minds
The Day of the Dead
The Grey Sisters
A Fate Worse Than Death
The Madness of Hercules
The Gorgon's Gaze
The Dying of the Light

The Queen Must Die
Portrayed by: Jack Donnelly

I never truly felt I belonged where I came from. I was always searching for something.
~ Jason[src]

Jason (Greek: Ἰάσων) was an Atlantean who was sent to another world by his father. After his father disappeared, Jason accidentally returned to his home world whilst searching for him, and began a new adventure in the city of Atlantis. Jason also met two atlanteans who he became close friends with: Pythagoras and Hercules. He had many adventures in the mythological world of Greece and defeated many enemies, bringing relief to citizens. His destiny was to save Atlantis, his friends and Queen Ariadne. 


Early life[]

Jason was born in Atlantis and sent to another world by his father whilst he was still a baby, to keep him safe from his many enemies. He was told that his father "walks among the dead". In this other world, his father disappeared after taking a submarine down into the ocean. Before he left he gave Jason a necklace and told him that one day he would understand. The necklace was a golden symbol shaped like horns on a leather thong. The symbol was the mark of the Oracle - a symbol generally found in the Temple of Poseidon.

New Life in Atlantis[]

Destiny to Fight the Minotaur[]


Jason's submarine being sucked towards a bright white light.

On his uncle's boat, Jason took a submarine down to find the wreckage of his father's sub. He found some wreckage with The Oracle written on it in black letters, then saw a bright white light and was transported to a new world. He awoke washed up on a beach, naked apart from his necklace (given to him by his father). After finding some clothes he walked to the city of Atlantis, which he was just outside of. There he disturbed a Two-headed Lizard, which chased him. He killed the beast and was chased for its murder by the city guards.

Escaping the guards, he met Pythagoras and Hercules who allowed to him stay in their house. All three of them soon became very close and very good friends.

After recognizing the symbol on his necklace, Pythagoras suggested that Jason speak with the Oracle to find out more about his presence in the new world. The Oracle explained to Jason that his father walked among the dead and that he originated from Atlantis. She also warned him not to talk about his old life in the modern world. Jason was aware that the Oracle was holding information from him and demanded she tell him more. He was then asked to leave.

Jason became acquainted with the traditions of the city when he and Pythagoras were sent for curfew. Pythagoras told him that the next day, all adult citizens of Atlantis were to choose a stone from a statue. Receiving a white stone would mean they were safe, whereas the seven who picked a black stone were to be sacrifices for the Minotaur. After returning home and retiring to his make-shift bed on the floor, Jason saw Hercules sneaking out. He believed him to be attempting to escape so that he wouldn't have to fight the Minotaur, and informs Pythagoras. The two followed Hercules and persuaded him to return, but they were spotted and chased by Hunting Lions. They managed to escape and returned home.

The next day, Jason and his new friends attended the ceremony of choosing the stones. Jason was fortunate to receive a White stone, but Pythagoras received a Black stone, meaning he would have to face the Minotaur. Instead of allowing Pythagoras to duel the beast, Jason decided to take the task on himself, and snuck out early the next morning with the black stone. Jason was then prepared by the royal servants to travel to the Minotaur's lair. There he met Ariadne, the Princess of Atlantis. He was given an enchanted skein of thread as a gift from her in order to help him find his way in the caves.

Arriving at the caves, Jason was surprised to discover that Pythagoras and Hercules had tried to sneak in before hand to equip him with weapons. They were then both sent in with Jason by the guards to face the Minotaur themselves. While Jason took a path through the caves, his friends were chased by the creature within. He found one of the chosen ones, Helena, who had been wounded by the creature. He was then confronted by the Minotaur itself. After a few attacks, he pulled a sword from the skeletons of other chosen ones and killed the beast. The Minotaur transformed into a man, who gave Jason knowledge that he had wronged his father. The man then died in Jason's arms before he could tell him any more.

Awarded by King Minos, Jason and his friends returned home, drunk on happiness to find that they had survived the encounter. Hercules began to boast of how he himself had killed the Minotaur, whilst both Jason and Pythagoras insisted that it was in fact Jason who slew the beast, much to Hercules' dismay.  (The Earth Bull)

Fighting the Maenads[]

One of Jason's duties in the City of Atlantis was to watch over Hercules' stock for the merchant, Karpos. He was kept waiting throughout the night by Hercules, and was angered when he found that the reason Hercules was late was because he'd been at the tavern. The next morning, he was even more frustrated when he heard that the stock had been stolen while Hercules was asleep.

He visited the Oracle again in the hope of learning more answers. Instead she continued to remain subtle with her explanations. She claimed that Jason had a destiny that stretched between both worlds.


Jason watching over Itheus.

When Itheus came to ask for help from the "slayers of the Minotaur", Jason decided he would do so, much to Hercules annoyance. He travelled to the palace in order to find the old mans daughter, Demetria, who had supposedly disappeared. He was escorted by Korinna to Celandine, who claimed that she had gone missing when searching for herbs. He travelled with Celadine to the woods, but found himself attacked by her. When confronted, Celadine poisoned herself.

Deciding to search for the Temple of Dionysus, he was joined by Pythagoras and Hercules to the Forest of Nysa. There, they discovered the temple and infiltrated it, but were easily caught as Hercules mistakenly thought one girl was Demetria.

When the innocent girl, Medusa, was thrown into the pit of Satyr, Jason followed in order to protect her, and found that the creatures were afraid of him as they could sense his power.

Jason fighting Satyrs

Jason fighting Satyrs

When one of the Maenads entered the pit, Jason killed her and they released Pythagoras and Hercules from the cells. Jason wanted to do one last thing before they left, and that was to find Demetria. With the help of Medusa, they captured Demtria and took her out to the woods, but unfortunately she managed to escape.

Jason was soon surrounded by the Maenads, but using his skills and the fact that the Sateer were afraid of him, he defeated them. Demtria was still unwilling to leave though and decided to kill herself using poison in the woods. Jason was almost stabbed by the leader of the Maenads, but he was saved by Medusa who killed her, but not before being cursed.

When they returned to Atlantis, Jason was afraid to tell Itheus about the truth, but he didn't need to thanks to Medusa, who told him that his daughter was safe and with the boy she loved. He visited the Oracle once more who explained that perhaps his fate was to find Medusa instead of Demetria. What she did know was that he was different to all men. He was a good person. (A Girl By Any Other Name)

A Member of the Bull Court[]

Jason ABONC 1

Jason confronts Heptarian.

After helping Gallus with a fallen cart, he protected the old man from an attack by Heptarian. This automatically placed before King Minos and Pasiphae where they decided he would be judged by the god Poseidon by joining the Bull Court in practicing bull-leaping.

He and his friends are soon under the leadership of Palos and gain new friends in Cyrus, Elpis and Shabaka. Jason learned that their teamwork was important and when training with a practice bull, he learned from the appearance of both Hercules jumping and the other's weaknesses - working together was a must.

When facing a real bull, he faked injury in order for those who had been fighting to work together. His friends only realised his trickery after the practice. With the bull-leaping event nearing, Jason heard that there was a plot against him. He consequently forced Hercules to speak with an ex-companion called Sophia. He hoped that Medusa could be successful in halting the Queen's efforts against him.

Jason jumping bull

Jason jumping the bull.

In the event Jason became severely injured in his leg, but he had no idea  it was Queen Pasiphae using magic against him.. He watched as his friends all gradually jumped the bull until his injury stopped. He then followed suit, and jumped the bull without failure.

He stood before the crowd in the Atlantis amphitheatre and embraced the cheers.

After the event, he, Hercules and Pythagoras said their goodbyes to Elpis and Shabaka as they began their travels back to their homes. (A Boy of No Consequence)


While hunting Jason and his friends discovered a baby left to die in the Forest of Nysa. Jason insisted that they take him to Atlantis in order to look after him. His friends reluctantly comply.

At first, Jason was hesitant with the child and felt he was an amateur in childcare, and left most of that to Hercules. Instead, he went in search of food. Unable to find anything he sought the help of Medusa, who explained to him that babies needed milk to survive. With her help, he managed to collect some proper nourishment.

There was a problem however, as Jason noticed guards searching the city. When they knocked on their door, Medusa decided she would stay and answer and allow the others to escape. Jason was unhappy about this, but complied anyway.

Jason and Oedipus

Jason jumping with Oedipus

Running across the walls of Atlantis, he and his friends carried the baby as far as they could. He even managed to jump with the baby in his arms. While Hercules was occupied with the guards, he and Pythagoras went ahead to the Sacred Way Tavern. Here, Biton allowed them to stay in the basement.

After Hercules came to their aid, Medusa followed, but along with Tiresias and guards. Jason was at first confused until he saw Queen Jocasta appear, crying. Realising she really was a true mother, he decided to help her in any way. He agreed to take the baby to Zephlon in order to protect the child from King Laius.

In order to escape the city, Jason distracted the guards, allowing Pythagoras and Hercules to head through the Telapias Gate. He followed after a while to help them on their journey to Zephlon. At the gates of the city, he was shocked to discover that the baby would be called Oedipus - a known person in the myths and legends of Greek history. (Twist of Fate

Love for Ariadne[]

Meeting Therus[]

B03g0c20 640 360

Jason leads Ariadne out of the city.

Korinna came to Jason when Ariadne was in need of him. He was easily willing to help her escape the city in order to reach her brother Therus who was located in Synas. He first met with Therus and then returned to Atlantis in order to escort Ariadne safely out of the city. This required her to change in their house into new clothes that would not reveal her identity. Then with the help of Ramos, they escaped.

When arriving at the Mountain farmstead, Jason allowed Ariadne to meet with her brother. He allowed them some privacy. But when realizing that Therus was intent on kidnapping her, he had to follow on foot. He caught up with them and attacked Therus, believing him to be kidnapping Ariadne deliberately and trying to harm her. It was revealed that his assumption was wrong, and that he wanted to protect Ariadne from those who remained in Atlantis. Jason was surprised to hear, that Ariadne did not want to go with Therus, because she had other things to stay for in the city. (White Lies)

Helping Hercules[]

Jason noticed that Hercules was beginning to address his attraction to Medusa, but he wasn't sure how far he would go. When witnessing him fail in a fight, he felt sorry for Hercules for not being able to impress her. And thus, Jason was unaware that Hercules had travelled to meet Circe where he obtained a powerful object known as the Song of the Sirens, with which he put a spell on Medusa. Jason heard his confession quite clearly and he and Pythagoras agreed that they would help him any way they could. However, the next morning, they found he had left without them.

Returning to the Forest of Nysa, Jason and Pythagoras discovered an abandoned pig who was following them everywhere. As they camped, Jason and Pythagoras suddenly deciphered that this was in fact Hercules, cursed by the wretched witch, Circe. As the neared her cave, the friends were attacked by Harpy, the creature belonging to the witch. Jason quickly killed the beast and went straight to confront Circe.

In the cave, Jason was persuaded by Circe not to kill her, but instead, he was to perform a task for her and she would save Medusa and return Hercules to his rightful form. The task for Jason, was to kill Circe's sister, Pasiphae. Jason was given a mark on his arm, which meant that he was bound to this contract. Returning to Atlantis, he was afraid to consider the consequences. (The Song of the Sirens)

The Betrothal[]

Soon after Jason hears of Ariadne's betrothal to Heptarian, he sends a message for her, the queen finds this out and blackmails her to break off their relationship. She does so breaking hers and Jason's heart in the process. Jason does not accept defeat, instead he enters the pankration to try and win her hand though knowing it was useless. When Ariadne found out about this she attempts to persuade him to pull out but he refuses. Afterwards, despite some difficulty Jason beats Heptarian but doesn't kill him. He said the reason for this to Ariadne was 'that he did not want to make it harder". She thanks him then kisses him for the first time, soon after Ariadne tells her father she could not marry Heptarian, telling him that the gods had not blessed their marriage he agrees with his daughter and stops the marriage though this infuriates Pasiphae. (The Rules of Engagement)

Assassination attempt and rescue[]

After Jason makes an attempt on Pasiphae's life, Jason hides in Ariadne's chambers she sees that he is wounded and cleans his injury. After Jason says that he should attempt escape Ariadne claims he would never escape then tells him she would gladly risk her life for his as he has hers. he spends the night in her chamber sleeping in her bed. When they awake Ariadne helps Jason escape through a secret passage before doing so he kisses her for the second time, but Ariadne is found out and charged with treason. When Jason finds out Ariadne will be put into the Brazen Bull, he, Hercules, Pythagoras and Ramos rescue her escaping through the sewer system into the forest. Jason comforts Ariadne in their time in the forest and while they arrive in the silver mines, while being chased, they are separated and while Jason holds off soldiers one soldier reaches Ariadne who calls for help. Тhis distracts Jason and one of the soldiers fighting him, takes advantage of this, knocking him unconscious. The queen (now revealed to be Jason's mother) stops the soldiers and leaves him, taking Ariadne. When Jason arrives in Atlantis to save Ariadne, they find Melas, who gives them a message from Ariadne - telling him to meet her at the temple. Seeing she is safe, Jason is relieved, but doesn't have the chance to embrace her, as the king turns up, thanking Jason for protecting Ariadne. He offers him a reward, but Jason turns it down. Minos tells Jason that nothing could happen between him and Ariadne, thus upsetting Jason. (Touched by the Gods)

Rescuing the Palladium[]

The story restarts with Ariadne's father, King Minos, being burned on a pile of wood. Ariadne wears black, and is crying for her dead father. Once she learns of Pasiphae approaching the city, she makes a declaration of war and brings one of her father's friends (who had been exiled from the city), Lord Sarpedon, back for his counsel. She doesn't know was that Sarpedon is working for Pasiphae and has smuggled Medea into the city by means of his suitcase. Medea then goes on to steal a sacred object, the Palladium, from underneath the Palace, which causes an earthquake.

When Ariadne hears of the theft, she sends Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules to rescue it. They manage to sneak into Pasiphae's camp and find her tent. Hercules tells Pythagoras to keep a look out while the other two go and find the Palladium. After retrieving the Palladium, the three run away from Pasiphae's troops and manage to make it out by means of a catapult. They journey on over a desert-like terrain, where her troops surprise them. While fighting them off, Jason is hurt and unable to walk, which is bad news. Pythagoras and Hercules get Jason to a cave, but Pasiphae curses them so the entrance is blocked and they have to find their way out.

After Hercules goes up against some Cyclops, they all manage to escape through a stream, ending up in the forest. They encounter some deserters, who fled once they heard the Palladium had been stolen. At this point, Jason holds up the Palladium and gives a rousing speech, making the deserters promise to come back and fight.

Reaching the city, they join the troops in fighting while Ariadne raises the troop's morale by showing them the Palladium. By this time, Pasiphae has breached the city and is near taking it over. She spots Jason (who is her son) fighting, when an archer (one of her own) comes up in front of her about to kill him. She screams, "No!" and kills the archer, unaware that Hercules has witnessed the whole thing.

Dion (the head of the army) calls for everyone to retreat and for the Queen to leave because it seems as if all hope is lost. He begs Jason to go and rescue the Queen, but Jason points towards the fighting, just as hundreds of deserters come back to save the day and Atlantis. Knowing she is defeated, Pasiphae retreats and the city rejoices the victory, while mourning the dead.

Meanwhile, Hercules is unable to get his head around what he has seen (Pasiphae saving Jason) and goes to the Oracle who tells him that Jason is Pasiphae's son. The episode ends with the Oracle telling him that Jason must never find out, else his heart will blacken and the Jason they know will be lost to them forever. (A New Dawn)

Suspicions for Telemon[]

Jason was asked to compete in the Coronation Games, much to his friends' reluctance. Whilst practicing in the nearby woods, they found a group of bandits trying to kill a lone man. After saving him from his fate, he revealed himself to be Prince Telemon of Aegina, who was eager to compete in the games too.

Jason comfortably won his games as he progressed through to the finale, which he would meet with Telemon. After hearing that the Prince fancied Queen Ariadne, he found himself becoming jealous. Despite his feelings, Jason succeeded in winning the tournament after graciously defeating the Prince. (Telemon)

Believing the Prince to be lying to the Queen, he privately met with Ariadne to relate his suspicions. Despite listening to his explanations, Ariadne only ignored his warnings. However, she did allow him to help escort her to Aegina.

During an ambush on the road, Jason pulled Ariadne aside into an outcrop of rocks, where they could not be seen by the Colchean archers. Deciding it would be best to pretend they were someone else, when they met up with other travelers, Jason told them they were merchants to protect Ariadne's identity. Despite his lie, one of their new company, Orpheus, had a power that allowed him to see the truth, even though he was blind.

Traveling onwards, they found a cave in which to hide themselves from the Colcheans, but discovered it was a necropolis. As their enemies entered the cave, Jason met them halfway, but was surprised as Medea cast a spell that broke the earth beneath them and he fell deeper into the cave. (The Marriage of True Minds)

Meanwhile, Pasiphae resurrected the dead in the necropolis, and, separated from his friends, Jason must find a way to fight them off and get back. He met Medea, who'd fallen with him, and saved her life from the undead. He tried to get her to join his side, but failed - she betrayed him by stabbing Ariadne with a cursed knife. (The Day of the Dead)

With Ariadne in mortal danger, Jason embarked on a dangerous quest to see the Grey Sisters and to ask for a cure, They told him that to save Ariadne, he'd need the blood of the enchantress who'd placed the curse on the dagger - Medea.

He travelled to Pasiphae's castle to kill Medea and get her blood. On the way, because a mosquito bit Hercules, drawing the attention of the Stymphalian birds, he and Pythagoras stayed behind and let Jason go alone. However, once he got there, he wasn't able to kill Medea, due to their undeniable connection. He did slit her hand and get her blood, but he was caught by the guards and put in Pasiphae's prison.

There, she decided to speak to him and and almost revealed she was his mother, but was stopped by Jason trying to strangle her.

Pasiphae wanted to poison him (much to the chagrin of Medea), but before it could happen, Hercules and Pythagoras helped him escape. (The Grey Sisters)


  • Jason comes from the present into the past
  • According to Pythagorus's reaction to Jason being naked in "Hunger Pangs", Jason seems to have a large penis.

Ever since I came to Atlantis I've been told I had a purpose, a destiny.
~ Jason[src]

Personality and Traits []

While Jason is a skilled man with several impressive physical capabilities, he is very agile and quick enough to vault walls and dodge arrows - to some extent - not to mention kill the Minotaur.


Jason prepares to use his bow and arrow.

Jason is also very durable, he takes a two story fall quite well.  However he is prone to getting himself and others around him into trouble. He does ,however,hold kindness and honour as he showed when protecting his new friend Pythagoras from entering the Labyrinth. (The Earth Bull) Jason's honour means he will risk his life to furfill his word and throw himself into situations that could kill him to help or save others. (A Girl By Any Other Name) He even punches Heptarian in the stomach, a warrior of great talent in Atlantis, when Heptarian bullies an old man. (A Boy of No Consequence)

Jason is also quite intelligent and proves to be a capable leader. (A Boy of No Consequence)

He is a determined individual and is keen to find his father whom the Oracle declares is dead. His determination pulls through when he fights the beast. (The Earth Bull) He shows aggression towards the Oracle when he fears his friends are in danger, especially concerning Medusa's fate. (Pandora's Box)

It is shown that he has a loving side to his character, especially when conversing with Ariadne. He also protects Helena in the Labyrinth from the fate of the Minotaur. (The Earth Bull) He reveals he is more than willing to give his life Ariandne and its proven he is somewhat in love with her. (White Lies)

Jason at times has a lack of patience and thought and can go too far. He joins the Pankration over love, which is a step too far in itself. (The Rules of Engagement) In addition, Jason 's hunger took control as he stole from a stall in the Atlantis marketplace. This also forced him to steal from a Shrine of Hecate. (Hunger Pangs)

Jason is somewhat familiar with several aspects of Atlantis, since he is knowledgeable about Greek Mythology. He instantly fears for what will become of Medusa and Oedipus once he finds out their names. He also immediately understands the power of Pandora's Box once he discovers its past. He remembers the names Pythagoras, a renowned mathematician, and Hercules, the most physically powerful man on earth, when he first meets them.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Hand-to-Hand-Combat: jason has the strength of a Greek god .Jason is very good at hand to hand combat, able to take down several armed opponents with his bare hands. His fighting style is a mixture of his natural agility and brute force. (A Girl By Any Other Name) He is skilled enough to overpower two Scythians unarmed. (The Price of Hope) and manages to knock a guard out cold with as single punch. (Touched by the Gods Part 1)
  • Wrestling: Jason proves the level of his combat skills, and proves to be pretty good at wrestling, by competeing in the Pankration after only a day's training and technically winning, despite the other competators training for months, although he was injured several times. (The Rules of Engagement)
  • Swordsmanship: Initally, as Hercules is quick to point out that, Jason is not a very skilled or practiced with swordsmanship as he loses his sword during a very short encounter with Ramos. (The Earth Bull) Over time Jason's skill with a blade has improved enough for him to defeat a guard and duel Therus on a near equal level, although Therus did manage to eventually disarm him. His skill with a sword improves to such an extent that he can hold his own against extremely powerful beings like Kampe, Circe, the Kynikoe, Satyrs and even the Cyclopse. (White Lies) He even admits to Hercules he's been practicing (The Furies) By the time of his journey to Underworld Jason's skills have grown to the point where he can use his sword to deflect an arrow and defeat multiple opponets in succession. (Pandora's Box) He was also able to take Heptarian on at a equal level and win, despite being injured (although Heptarian was also injured.) (Touched by the Gods Part 2) His skills had grown to the point that Jason was considered the best swordsman in all of Atlantis and thus chosen to take part in the Coronation Games (Telemon).
  • Agility: Jason is very agile and quick, capable of pulling of front flips, sumosaunts and over acrobatic manvours in succession. He uses his agility mainly in combat, he is fast enough to dodge two spears in flight. (Touched by the Gods Part 1)
  • Fear: For some presently unknown reason the Satyr's fear Jason and refuse to come near him. (A Girl By Any Other Name)
  • Immunity: Jason has looked directly at Medusa after she transformed and did not get turned into stone. It is because he is touched by the gods.(The Price of Hope A Fate Worse Than Death)
  • Reflexes: His reflexes are good enough to catch a spear in mid air. (Twist of Fate)
  • God's Touch: Jason is touched and (assumed) blessed by the gods. (Touched by the Gods Part 2) Through this he is able to sense if others are also touched, such as Medea and Pasiphae, though at the present he doesn't understand this, knowing only that he feels a connection towards them. (The Grey Sisters)
  • Knife Throwing: Jason is a capable knife thrower, able to use it to kill two soldiers who were after him. (Touched by the Gods Part 2)
  • Stamina: At several points throughout Jasons time in Atlantis he has shown himself to be able to carry on fighting in battle after battle for extended periods of time with very little rest and life threatening injuries. (A New Dawn Part 1 and Part 2)and he has strength of a god.

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