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Vital statistics
Title Queen
Family King Laius (husband)
Oedipus (son)
First Appearance Twist of Fate
Portrayed by Elen Rhys

Queen Jocasta was queen of Thebes and wife to King Laius. She bore a son who was later called Oedipus.


Jocasta arrived in the City of Atlantis for a visit with her husband. During the visit, she was distraught to discover that her husband wanted to get rid of her son because of a prophecy given by the Oracle, which told that Oedipus would kill his father. She remained placid with her husband and kept very quiet.

Later, after a heavy search, Tiresias helped her find her son in the care of Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras. She thanked them, but decided that she wanted to keep her son and not part with him again. Instead, she was persuaded bysias to send her son to Zephlon where her father was situated. She was assured by him in due time, that her saviours had crossed the border, meaning her son was safe. (Twist of Fate)