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Vital statistics
Died Killed by Pasiphae
Affiliation Ariadne (servant)
Occupation Servant in the Atlantis palace
First Appearance The Earth Bull
Final Appearance The Rules of Engagement
Portrayed by Hannah Arterton

Korinna was a serving girl in the Atlantis palace. Over time, she became friends with Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules.


She helped Jason don his kit for facing the Minotaur in the Labyrinth before she was dismissed by her mistress, Princess Ariadne. (The Earth Bull) She later escorted Jason through the Palace to help him find answers about the missing Demetria. (A Girl By Any Other Name).

When Ariadne received news of her brother, she led Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules to Therus on Ariadne's request, pretending that he was her lover whom she had not met for a while. When their hideout was ambushed, Korinna led the four to an abandoned hunting shack where they took refuge. (White Lies)

Korinna allowed Hercules to visit Medusa inside the palace in order for him to speak with her. Later, she came to Hercules' Home to take care of Medusa after she had fallen ill. She cared for Medusa next to her bed and she was given some remedies by Pythagoras to give to her in order for her to improve. (The Song of the Sirens)

Korinna took a message from Jason, from Medusa, to Ariadne, however when they were caught she was arrested by the queen. Although Minos released her, Pasiphae killed Korinna as an example to Ariadne of what happens when the queen is crossed. (The Rules of Engagement)

Personality and Abilities[]

Korinna is a loyal servant of the Atlantis palace. She serves in many areas including preparing the Seven Tributes before their journey to the Labyrinth. (The Earth Bull)

She is dear friends with Jason whom she escorts around the Palace to wherever he needs, including to Celandine to talk about the disappearance of Demetria, (A Girl By Any Other Name) and later when he needs to speak with Ariadne personally. (The Rules of Engagement) She also asks him for a favour when she needs to travel to Synas to meet with Therus, her lady's brother. (White Lies)

She has a strong will, especially when she agrees to go herself to meet Therus despite the danger. (White Lies) In addition, she is able to defy the laws of the palace, by bringing Jason inside. (A Girl By Any Other Name)


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