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King Laius
King Laius
Vital statistics
Title King
Affiliation Pasiphae (friend)
King Minos (friend)
Family Jocasta (wife)
Oedipus (son)
Appearances Twist of Fate
Portrayed by Tristan Gemmill

King Laius was the King of Thebes who was friend of King Minos of the City of Atlantis.


King Laius came to Atlantis in order to meet with King Minos on friendly terms. During his stay, he spoke with the Oracle who foretold that his son would kill him in his future. This prompted him to get rid of the baby in the Forest of Nysa. He worked with Queen Pasiphae in order to rediscover the baby after it was taken by Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules, however he was unsuccessful. One of his court, Tiresias claimed that the baby had been killed and he was left without burden. (Twist of Fate)