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Princess of Colchis
Gender: Female
Family: Pasiphae (Aunt)
Heptarian (Cousin)†
Jason (Cousin and love interest)
Circe (Aunt)†
Significant Other: Jason
Affiliation: Pasiphae
Enmity: Hercules
Species: Human\Witch
Myth of Origin : Jason and the Argonauts
Status: Alive
Appearances: A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
The Marriage of True Minds
The Day of the Dead
The Grey Sisters
A Fate Worse Than Death
Portrayed by: Amy Manson

Pasiphae has always taught me that my enemies would kill me as soon as look at me.
~ Medea[src]

Medea, also known as the Princess of Colchis, was an associate of Pasiphae in her plan to take back the City of Atlantis.

She works on the orders of Pasiphae and helped Pasiphae to destroy Atlantis. But unfortunately for Pasiphae and Medea, they failed to take over Atlantis forever. Atlantis won the battle all because of Jason and his very close friends.


Medea was stowed away inside a chest escorted by Lord Sarpedon.

One night in Atlantis, she was freed from the chest by Lord Sarpedon and allowed free passage through the palace. Finding a hidden passageway, she discovered the chamber containing the Palladium. Taking it from its plinth, she felt the earth tremble beneath her as Poseidon was angered by this act. She was able to escape the palace by jumping from the higher levels onto the back of a winged creature.

She later returned to the Colchean camp and gave Pasiphae the precious Palladium. Paiphae now assured her that Atlantis was doomed. Medea was afraid, having never seen anything with the power of Palladium, but Pasiphae assured her they had nothing to fear.  (A New Dawn Part 1)

Medea watched from the sidelines as Atlantis was breached by the army and commented on why Queen Ariadne had not surrendered yet. When Lord Sarpedon returned to the Colchean camp, Medea was suspicious of the old man and realised that he had returned to kill Pasiphae. Using sorcery, Medea flung Sarpedon roughly against a wooden table, maiming him, before Pasiphae stuck a dagger in his throat.

When it was revealed that the battle was lost, Medea stood by Pasiphae's side within the walls of Atlantis, and witnessed Pasiphae stab one of their own men as he prepared to fire an arrow at Jason. It was revealed that Pasiphae did not want her son dead. (A New Dawn Part 2)

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Magic: Medea practices magic; she used a spell to break into the vault, and another to summon the creature she escaped upon. Medea's use of magic is sometimes tied to her emotions and when she gets upset, she can lash out.
    • Telekinesis: Medea was able to fling Lord Sarpedon across the room non verbally.
    • Healing: Medea is able to heal Jason's leg by incantation and touch alone
    • Geokinesis: When distressed that Pasiphae took an arrow to the stomach she accidentally shattered a cliff edge sending herself and Jason tumbling.
  • God's Touch: As revealed in The Grey Sisters she is touched (assumed blessed) by the gods just like Jason and Pasiphae. Due to this, she can also sense if others are.

Greek Mythology[]

Medea is a character in the Argonautica. Hera was assisting Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece and saw that he would need Medea's help if he was to succeed. She summoned Aphrodite and told her to have her son Eros make Medea fall in love with Jason, ensuring her help. Aphrodite complies. Medea uses her knowledge of magic, inherited from her Aunt Circe, to aid Jason in the trials her father commanded to hand over the Fleece. She creates a potion that will protect him from the fire breathing bull and she told him how to defeat the soldiers grown from dragon teeth. When it becomes clear that the King of Colchis never intends to let Jason leave with the Fleece, she takes Jason to his prize and instructs Orpheus to play for the dragon protecting the Golden Fleece. While the dragon sleeps, Jason takes the Fleece. They then have to flee Colchis and to succeed Medea slays her own brother to give them time. Medea also tells Jason how to defeat Talos the bronze giant and tricks the daughters of Pelias, the usurper of Jason's throne, into killing him. Jason marries Medea on the way home from Colchis.

Despite all this Iolcians did not want a Colchian as their Queen, so Jason and Medea leave to make a home in Corinth. In Euripides' 'Medea' Jason leaves her after she gives birth to two children. He is offered the daughter of the King of Corinth who wants him as his heir and Jason agrees to the match. Infuriated that after all she had done he had abandoned her, Medea sends the Princess of Corinth a poisoned dress that kills her when it is put on; her father the King is also killed trying to save his child. While vowing to kill Jason, she never does. She leaves him with nothing, killing their children to make him suffer. Her grandfather, the sun god Helios, sends her a chariot pulled by dragons to whisk her away. Jason is left broken and cursed by the gods.