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Medusa shot
Gender: Female
Species: Human (currently)

Gorgon (formely)

Aliases: Demetria
Status: Deceased
Appearances: A Girl By Any Other Name
A Boy of No Consequence
Twist of Fate
White Lies
The Song of the Sirens
The Rules of Engagement
Pandora's Box
The Price of Hope
Portrayed by: Jemima Rooper

Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα) is a woman who became acquainted with Jason and his friends after they saved her from the Maenads. Medusa has a mysterious and complicated relationship with Hercules .


In the Forest of Nysa, Medusa is being chased by a Satyr of the Maenads and captured and taken to the Temple of Dionysus.

In the forest, she saves Hercules from being spotted and captured for a sacrifice to the Satyr and Dionysus by pretending to have sucked the blood from his corpse. It is revealed that she lied when she is taken before Anysia, the leader of the Maenads, with Hercules beside her as proof. She is thrown into the pit of Satyr. However, Jason follows her inside and she realizes that the creatures fear him.

They both escape together, saving Pythagoras and Hercules from their cell and reenter the forest.

When Jason is almost stabbed by Anysia, she stabs her first, however, the Maenad curses her for her crimes against them.


Medusa is cursed by Anysia

Taken by Jason and his friends to the City of Atlantis, Medusa meets Itheus, whom she explains to about Demetria. She lies to ease the old man, instead of telling him that his daughter had killed herself rather than leave the Maenads.

At the Temple, Jason asks the Oracle whether Medusa is going to end up the same way as she did in the story, the Oracle confirms that Medusa can not escape her destiny, but reveals her and Jason's destiny's are intertwined and that maybe Jason was meant to have saved her all along. (A Girl By Any Other Name)

Medusa helps Hercules after being given a note by Sophia to stop Pasiphae from performing witchcraft. She infiltrates the Atlantis palace and watches as the Queen performs terrible sorcery. Distracting the Queen, she steals the torture doll she had been using to wound Jason and escapes the secret chambers. Medusa visits the Atlantis amphitheatre then to see the contestants spared by Poseidon. (A Boy of No Consequence)

While shopping in the marketplace she found Jason looking exhausted and heard from him that he, Hercules and Pythagoras were looking after a baby. Helping Jason collect some supplies, including milk, they returned to the home and she helped with the jobs. While returning to grab her shawl after feeding and putting the baby to sleep, she overheard Hercules reveal his love for her to the baby.


Medusa helps Jason shop for little Oedipus.

She allowed Jason and his friends to leave while she awaited the guards to find her. She was questioned by Tiresias about the whereabouts of a baby. She was shocked to discover that the Clay pig had been left on show and she tried to hide it before leaving.

On her way to the Sacred Way Tavern, she found herself followed and was forced to reveal her stalkers to Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras. She was surprised to learn that Jocasta had not wanted to abandon her child, but was forced to do so. Reacting to Hercules decision to help, she kissed him on the cheek before he and his friends left for Zephlon. (Twist of Fate)

Medusa later joined Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras in betting on Hercules' pet dung beetle at the beetle race, she is reasonably confident as Hercules claims his beetle had never lost, until Pythagoras told her it also hasn't raced. Never the less the beetle did win, and Medusa was overjoyed. Later she joined them for another beetle race, however this time it lost, because Hercules and Pythagoras accidentally lost it and mistook another beetle for it during their time in the Mountain farmstead. (White Lies)

While working at the Atlantis palace, Medusa was enchanted by the Song of the Sirens used by Hercules. She quickly became attracted to him and agreed to go out with him for a night. That night, she went around to his house and then was escorted through the streets of Atlantis. She rapidly grew fond of him and before she departed from his company and kissed him.

While on another venture out with him, Medusa suddenly fell ill. She was carried by Hercules to a bed in his house, where he watched over her and tried to make her better. Pythagoras tended to her wounds, but found that there was not much hope. She quickly developed rashes and flesh mutations on her body and she became very weak. Whilst Hercules and his friends searched for more answers, she was tended to by Korinna.

When Hercules returned from being a Pig in consequence to Circe, she learned the whole truth about the enchantment and was very displeased. (The Song of the Sirens)

Medusa continued to support Hercules and his friends, especially when it came to Jason to join the Pankration in honour of the marriage between Heptarian and Ariadne. She even helped Jason when he was injured during the competition. There, she and Hercules bonded once again, and despite her hatred for his trickery, she managed to forgive him after seeing him care for their friend and Hercules admitted how he didn't really live up to his own stories. (The Rules of Engagement)


Medusa as The Gorgon.

Greek Mythology[]

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Medusa

In "A Girl By Any Other Name " Medusa is cursed by the head priestess, Anysia (Athena). Jason acknowledges that back in the parallel world a similar story was told in Greek Mythology, where a woman with the same name becomes cursed and as a result a hideous Gorgon; Jason fears that Medusa could possibly have a similar fate (Whereupon her stare turns people to solid stone and her hair becomes snakes). In Greek mythology, Medusa is eventually killed by Perseus. (It is thought that Jason himself, may possibly kill her, as he contains similar traits to Perseus and other Mythological Heroes).

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Petrification: Medusa is cursed to be a Gorgon and has the ability to turn beings into stone by just looking at them.
  • Viper Hair: Medusa has snakes instead of ordinary hair, and can use both her snakes and her eyes to petrify beings.
  • Immortality: As a part of being a Gorgon Medusa may be immortal; however in Greek mythology Medusa was the only mortal Gorgon.



Medusa's relationship with Hercules is a very mysterious and complicated affair. We know quite a lot about Hercules 's feelings for Medusa but not much of Medusa's feelings back. To make a full report of the relationship we must first analyse Hercules . Hercules loves Medusa so much that he gave his last remaining link to his father to Circe for exchange for Circe making Medusa love him. The magic worked but it made Medusa nearly die. 

Hercules and Medusa

Hercules and Medusa

Hercules worked hard to save her and eventually did thanks to Jason and Pythagoras. Since then Medusa blanked him for a while but while caring for Jason during the Pankration Medusa began caring for Hercules again. She even backed up on of his ridiculous stories about him being strong. When they were walking away Hercules said " I don't deserve you Medusa." then Medusa replied "Well life isn't fair is it." This shows Medusa truly loves Hercules, but is reasonable about it.

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