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Assistant to The Oracle
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Earth Bull
The Song of the Sirens
The Rules of Engagement
Touched by the Gods Part 2
The Grey Sisters'
A Fate Worse Than Death
The Madness of Hercules
The Gorgon's Gaze
The Dying of the Light
The Queen Must Die
Portrayed by: Ken Bones

Run my child, run...
~ Melas to Cassandra before his death[src]

Melas was a high priest in the Temple of Poseidon and an ally of the Oracle.


Melas worked with the Oracle in the Temple of Poseidon and escorted Jason to meet with her and discuss his destiny. He questioned her why she didn't reveal everything about the boy's true identity. (The Earth Bull)

Melas was ordered by the Oracle to bring Jason to the Temple for an important meeting with her. He saw Jason in the marketplace and escorted him to see her. (The Song of the Sirens)

The priest helped bring Jason and Ariadne together when they needed it most. He even assured Ariadne, when she came to pray at the Temple of Poseidon, that everything would be alright and that the man she was praying for would pull-through in the end. (The Rules of Engagement)


Melas taking the blood of Medea from Jason.

Melas prayed with Ariadne shortly before her (attempted) execution. He later discovered Minos was being poisoned and consulted with the Oracle. He then administered an antidote to the king. Melas informed Minos that his daughter was being held prisoner by Pasiphae. (Touched by the Gods Part 2)

When Queen Ariadne had returned badly wounded from her journey to Aegina, Melas helped the Oracle to concoct a remedy to save her. Failing that, Melas suggested to Jason that he take blood from Medea in order to reverse the curse that had been placed on the dagger that wounded Ariadne. (The Grey Sisters)


You. You dare violate this sacred place?
~ Melas to Pasiphae after her remarkable resurrection.[src]


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