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Vital statistics
Died Swallowed by the Furies
First Appearance The Furies
Portrayed by Darren Morfitt

Nilas was a master of crossing the desert and often led groups across to Helios from the City of Atlantis.


During one journey to Helios, he warned Pythagoras that if his brother, Arcas caused more trouble, he would lose his chance to cross the desert. He claimed that the group worked together like a family in the desert and was a protector of Otus, despite his murderous past. He advised Philemon not to take Baucis under his protection as she would probably deceive them again.

During the journey, Nilas warned of the caves that they would stay in would contain the will and presence of the Furies. He was surprised to find this became true when Arcas called on the gods to take judgement on the man who murdered his father. Nilas was unfortunately swallowed by the great winds. (The Furies)