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Gender: Male
Family: Eurydice (Wife) †
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: The Marriage of True Minds
The Day of the Dead
The Grey Sisters
Portrayed by: Ronald Pickup

Orpheus may be blind, but he sees more than any man I have ever known.
~ Eurydice[src]

Orpheus is a blind seer, who is the husband of Eurydice. He met Jason whilst he and his company were fleeing from Pasiphae's army.


Orpheus is a Seer, he was traveling with his wife Eurydice and his companion Diagoras to the Temple of Isis. When he found Jason, Ariadne, Pythagoras, Hercules and Dion in the desert when they were escaping from Pasiphae and her Colchean army. Agreeing to help them, but seeing through there ruse they all traveled together. Orpheus revealed that though blind he was a Seer and thus saw many things, such as knowing Ariadne was queen.

Late one night while camping he talked to Jason, as he understood Jason had a heavy destiny, he explained that no Seer could truly understand it. But he assured him it would be fine, however at that point they were attacked by Colocheans and forced to flee into a cave. Which turned out to be an ancient Necropolis. Feeling the ensign Orpheus realised the place they were in.

Forced to flee through, despite Pasiphae even rising the dead, Orpheus took shelter with the others in one of the high up tombs. But Diagoras who had been infected turned into one of them. Orpheus then discovered that Eurydice had been infected, realising they had little time left, he chose to spend it close to her. Before her coming close to changing, Ariadne propsed they had to kill her to protect the others.

Orpheus agreed, but insisted it had to be him. Before he did so he promised his wife that he would come for her again, even if he had to travel to Hades to do so. He managed to survive the Necropolis, after Jason and Hercules broke Pasiphae's spell.

Traveling back to Atlantis, Hercules let Orpheus stay with him and tried to comfort him having experiance in loosing the one you love, but Orpheus insted he leave soon to prepare Eurydice's funeral rites, he also revealed his plan to find his wife again, even if it meant traveling to the underworld. This got Hercules thinking about his own lost love.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Clairvoyancy: The ability to see and understand things beyond human perception.
    • Precognition: The act of foreseeing the future, such as events and happenings. He was able to sense and to a lesser extent understand Jason's destiny. 
    • Psychometry: The ability to read a person or an objects past or future. He was able to tell the necropolis's history, just by feeling its ensign.