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Your father took you to the other world when you were still a baby.
~ The Oracle[src]

The "Other World" is the reality where the young Jason was taken to from his own shortly after his birth by his father in order to keep him safe. In this other world, Jason's father had disappeared after taking a submarine down into the ocean.

Years later, once Jason had matured, Jason took a submarine down from the boat of his uncle Mac to find the wreckage of his father's sub. He found some wreckage with The Oracle written on it in black letters, then saw a bright white light and was transported back to the world which he would learn was his own.

Though the two worlds seemingly run parallel, the world from which Jason was born appears to affect the "other world" in which he was raised. Indeed, upon returning to his world of birth, Jason recognised the name "Atlantis" as reference to a mythological city which was lost under the ocean, much to the confusion of Pythagoras. In addition, he recognised his surroundings as Ancient Greece as well as legendary figures Pythagoras, whom he remembered as the "triangle guy" despite the two never having met, and Hercules.

The Oracle revealed to Jason that he was drawn back to his world "by forces so powerful that they stretch between the worlds". (The Earth Bull)