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Vital statistics
Affiliation Bull Court, Pasiphae
First Appearance A Boy of No Consequence
Portrayed by Richard Dillane

Palos was the head of the Bull Court and a conspirator with Queen Pasiphae.


Palos greeted Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras when they arrived in the Bull Court and introduced them to their teammates Elpis, Cyrus and Shabaka who were also competing in the bull-leaping event. Palos struggled to train them as a number of them, including Hercules were not set up for the skill.

He questioned Cyrus after he saw him speaking to Elpis. To stop the slave from revealing anything to Jason about Pasiphae's intentions, Palos killed Cyrus and pretended that the bull was at fault. Palos continued to train them in the hope that his part of the job was complete. (A Boy of No Consequence)


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