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Captain of City Guard
Ramos shot
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Earth Bull
White Lies
Hunger Pangs
Touched by the Gods Part 1
Touched by the Gods Part 2
Portrayed by: Joe Dixon

There is honour to be found in everything, even death.
~ Ramos[src]

Ramos is the leader of the City Guard in the City of Atlantis. We do not know much about Ramos as a person other than he is faithful to the king and the city.


Ramos was responsible for the seven tributes who were taken to the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. When Pythagoras and Hercules arrived, he ordered for them to be tributes instead of two others who were chosen. After the tributes had crossed into the tunnels he told them that there was honour in everything, even death. (The Earth Bull)

During the crisis of finding Ariadne in the City of Atlantis, he travelled with Heptarian and an army to Synas in order to capture Therus. When he realised who the man was, he retreated away. Later, in the city, Ramos helped Jason and Ariadne escaped the walls of the city because he served the King and not the queen. (White Lies)

After receiving a heads-up from Evandros about a scary wolf-like creature roaming the city, Ramos and Heptarian investigate. They are sceptical at first, and in the end, are unable to locate the creature. (Hunger Pangs)

In the middle of one night, Ramos is called to find an intruder who attempted to murder Pasiphae. After being unable to locate the intruder, he was scolded by Pasiphae and told to try harder. He later witnessed the judgment of Ariadne when it was revealed she had harboured the intruder herself and had allowed him to escape the palace. (Touched by the Gods Part 1)

Ramos went to Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules, having heard they planed to rescue Ariadne. He told them it was impossible, without his help. During the actual plan, he grabbed Ariadne and gave her to Jason to escape, he fought off two guards who tried to stop him but was wounded by one of them. Meeting up with the others he led them into the sewers to help them escape. Hearing the guards behind he oppted to say and hold them off. After a fierce battle against two guards, exhausted he was killed by Heptarian. (Touched by the Gods Part 2)


Swordsmanship - Ramos was an immensely skilled swordsman, as shown when he easily beats Jason in their first meeting and again when he holds his own against Heptarian's men.

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