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Council Advisor
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Appearances: A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
Portrayed by: Robert Pugh

In these difficult times, we are all forced to make hard choices.
~ Lord Sarpedon[src]

Lord Sarpedon was an old Atlantean who was once a friend of King Minos.


Early Life[]

During his early life, Sarpedon was a friend of Minos, and often played in the Bull Courts. Whilst retelling a tale to Ariadne, Sarpedon claimed that Minos was always the last one out of the ring.

When it was believed Sarpedon might be a traitor to the City of Atlantis, he was banished by his friend, Minos, despite the King's reluctance.

Life After Exile[]

Wanting revenge for his banishment, he was employed by Pasiphae to infiltrate the city with a chest containing Medea. After being escorted by Jason and company to the city, he met with Ariadne to pay his respects to her for the loss of her father.

One night in Atlantis, he secretly released Medea from the chest. He watched from the window of his chambers as a winged beast flew into the night. When an individual was caught in the Atlantis palace, Lord Sarpedon watched over the prisoner, ensuring that he didn't reveal Sarpedon's involvement in the scheme. (A New Dawn Part 1)

As the battle for Atlantis raged against the boundaries of the city, Sarpedon remained in the palace to watch over Ariadne and pretend to impart wisdom on her. However, he soon began to regret his involvement in Pasiphae's plot and started to feel guilty for what he had done for revenge. Confessing to Ariadne that he had been a part of the scheme to steal the Palladium, the Queen had him locked in the prison.

Whilst inside, he did not ask forgiveness, but requested that Ariadne send him to Pasiphae's camp in order for him to murder her himself. After a while, he was granted this wish and allowed to be escorted out of the city to fake Ariadne's surrender. Whilst inside Pasiphae's tent, Sarpedon took his opportunity to kill the witch with a dagger, but he was blown backwards by Medea, who used powerful magic. Understanding his change of heart, Pasiphae used his own knife to kill him. (A New Dawn Part 2)


Considering he was a dear friend to King Minos, Lord Sarpedon admired Ariadne, despite betraying her confidence. His fatherly love for her was what swayed his decision to rally to her side in the end. He sacrificed himself for Ariadne, which showed great loyalty and courage.

Despite this, he had an vengeful mind, which meant he protected his honor and dignity, by killing those who could betray him, including Derian. Influenced by Pasiphae, Sarpedon was temporarily blinded by revenge and he was twisted with rage against Minos for banishing him. (A New Dawn)