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Satyrs were monsters that lived in the Forest of Nysa and worshipped the God Dionysus, they served his other followers the Maenads, who used them as guards, to kill people they wanted dead and for holding human sacrifices. They were intelligent and capable of speech, but were mostly anamistic. They were cruel and carnivorous creatures, that devoured humans alive and ripped them open with their teeth. (A Girl By Any Other Name)


The Satyrs were revealed to be very intelligent but violent, mindless, vicious, sadistic, strong, bloodthirsty and extremely powerful creatures. They were agile and acrobatic, since one of them could climb a tree with ease. Also, one Satyr disguises itself as a woman to lure Hercules into a trap. Whether or not this is an actual Satyr trait or a sorcery used by the Maenads. They were, interestingly, capable of experiencing a human degree of fear, as they were inexplicably afraid of Jason when he was very nearly fed to them. This is possibly because of the gifts granted to him by Poseidon.


For an unrevealed reason, they all feared Jason, something to do with him being different from all other men. (A Girl By Any Other Name)

Unlike the Satyrs from mythology, which look like a cross between a human and a goat, the Satyrs in Atlantis looked like large, furless monkeys.

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