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The Scythians are a group of barbarians. Little better than thieves, they are renowned for their cruelty. They are notorious for what they do with the people after they rob them, they force them to participate in the Scythian manhunt. Where they release there captives and then hunt them like animals.

The Scythians dress in armour covered with fur, and commonly carry one hand battle axes, swords and bows for combat.


A group of Scythians infested the Forest of Calydon, they captured Hercules after he stumbled into their camp and ate their lunch. They later captured Jason and Pythagoras by having one of them posse as injured woman. They forced them into the hunt, Jason led the majority of them away from his friends. But Pythagoras and Hercules were confronted by two more. Hercules attacked them and knocked them to the ground repeatedly, telling Pythagoras to run. Hercules was later chased by more, but he managed to outwit them by climbing a tree. After Pythagoras found Jason, some more Scythians attacked them, Jason managed to kill them but was wounded. In the clearing they hid, but the Scythians found them, Pythagoras tried to scare them off as Jason was in no situation to fight, but they were saved by Atalanta.