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Series One
Series 1
Atlantis poster 1
Episodes 13
Aired from 28th September 2013 - 28th December 2013
Finale Touched by the Gods Part 2
Cast Mark Addy as Hercules

Jack Donnelly as Jason
Robert Emms as Pythagoras
Sarah Parish as Pasiphae
Jemima Rooper as Medusa
Juliet Stevenson as the Oracle
Aiysha Hart as Ariadne

Recurring: King Minos - Alexander Siddig
Heptarian - Oliver Walker
Ramos - Joe Dixon
Circe - Lucy Cohu
Melas - Ken Bones
Korinna - Hannah Arterton
Cyrus - Ciaran Griffiths

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Series One of Atlantis launched on Saturday nights in Autumn 2013 on BBC One[1], taking the slot previously held by Merlin.[2] It premièred on BBC One  on 28th September, 2013.[3]  The US première was on 23rd November 2013, on BBC America .

It consisted of 13 episodes, each 45 minutes long[1] with episodes as shown on BBC America being an hour long, due to advertising breaks.  

Filming began in Wales and Morocco in April.[1] Justin Molotnikov and Alice Troughton are directing.[4]

On 9th August 2013 the first poster for the series was revealed and[5] on 16th August 2013 the first teaser trailer for the series aired on BBC One.[6]


After searching in a small submarine for the wreckage of his lost father's boat, Jason wakes up in Atlantis. Atlantis is the ancient lost city of legend and he meets people he has read about in myths and history.


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The main cast of Atlantis, in alphabetical order by actor.



# Image Title Writer Director Broadcast Date Viewer Rating
1 Jason with Sword The Earth Bull Howard Overman Justin Molotnikov 28th September 2013 7.36
2 Medusa in Forest A Girl By Any Other Name Howard Overman Justin Molotnikov 5th October 2013 6.37
3 Uktv-atlantis-hercules-jason-pythagoras-screenshot A Boy of No Consequence Howard Overman Justin Molotnikov 12th October 2013 6.24
4 Twist of Fate Twist of Fate Richard McBrien Alice Troughton 19th October 2013 6.08
5 White Lies White Lies Howard Overman Alice Troughton 26th October 2013 5.61
6 Uktv-atlantis-s01-e06-1 The Song of the Sirens Lucy Watkins Declan O'Dwyer 2nd November 2013 5.89
7 The Rules of Engagement The Rules of Engagement Richard McBrien Declan O'Dwyer 9th November 2013 5.52
8 The Furies The Furies Julian Jones Alice Troughton 16th November 2013 5.43
9 Pandora's Box Pandora's Box Howard Overman Declan O'Dwyer 30th November 2013 5.26
10 The Price of Hope The Price of Hope Howard Overman Alice Troughton 7th December 2013 5.27
11 Hunger Pangs Hunger Pangs Julian Jones Alice Troughton 14th December 2013 5.34
12 Touched by the Gods Touched by the Gods Part 1 Howard Overman Jeremy Webb 21st December 2013 6.36
13 Touched by the Gods 1 Touched by the Gods Part 2 Howard Overman Jeremy Webb 28th December 2013 4.87



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