Series Two
Series 2
Episodes 13
Aired from 15th November 2014 - 16th May 2015
Premiere A New Dawn (part one)
Finale The Queen Must Die (double-length episode)
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Series Two of Atlantis was confirmed to be comissioned by the BBC on 26th October 2013. [1]

Robert Emms revealed on his twitter that series two was to start in November time. A teaser for Series Two later appeared on 4th October 2014 on BBC One, following the Doctor Who episode Kill the Moon, confirming that the second series of Atlantis will indeed premiere on 15th November, a week following the finale of Series 8 of Doctor Who.

Having started at a later date than the previous year due to being pushed back by Doctor Who, series two would be split into two halves. The first six episodes were aired before Christmas of 2014 before the series went on a midseason hiatus, with the remaining seven episodes being aired later in Spring 2015 following the Easter holidays. Sadly, during the hiatus in late January, it was announnced by the BBC that Atlantis had been cancelled and that the remaining episodes would be the last. [2]

The finale aired as a combined 90 minute double episode on 16th May 2015.


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Episodes Edit

# Image Title Writer Director Broadcast Date Viewer Rating
1 Pasiphaeonhorse A New Dawn Part 1 Howard Overman Justin Molotnikov 15th November 2014 5.32
2 A New Dawn Part 2 A New Dawn Part 2 Howard Overman Justin Molotnikov 22nd November 2014 4.67
3 Telemonepisode Telemon Richard McBrien Justin Molotnikov 29th November 2014 4.65
The Marriage of True Minds Lucy Watkins Declan O'Dwyer 6th December 2014 4.49
5 The Day of the Dead The Day of the Dead Howard Overman Declan O'Dwyer 13th December 2014 4.68
6 The Grey Sisters The Grey Sisters Howard Overman Declan O'Dwyer 20th December 2014 5.69
7 Afateworsethan A Fate Worse Than Death Howard Overman Lawrence Gough 11th April 2015 2.57
8 Themadnessof The Madness of Hercules Richard McBrien Lawrence Gough 18 April 2015 2.58
9 Thegorgonsgaze The Gorgon's Gaze Julian Jones Lawrence Gough 25 April 2015 2.39
10 Thedyingof The Dying of the Light Lucy Watkins Justin Molotnikov 2 May 2015 2.32
11 Kin Kin Julian Jones Justin Molotnikov 9 May 2015 2.63
12 Thequeenmust The Queen Must Die Howard Overman Julian Murphy 16 May 2015 2.51


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