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Vital statistics
First Appearance A Boy of No Consequence
Portrayed by Christopher Obi

Shabaka was a Nubian prince who was brought to the City of Atlantis after being captured as a slave and forced to take part in the Bull Court. In his home land he had three wives and several children.


Shabaka was taken to the Bull Court as a slave to learn the skill of bull-leaping. Here, he met new friends including Cyrus, Elpis and later Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras. He and the others worked together in the Atlantis amphitheatre in order to be judged by the god, Poseidon. He was successful in the event and after saying his goodbyes to his new friend he returned to his village. (A Boy of No Consequence)

Personality and traits[]

Shabaka is a very proud man, with a keen sense of honour. He shows great pride in being a nobleman and can be very sly at times. He is revealed to have a sense of humour as he joyfully mocks Hercules' relationship with the palace staff.