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The Siege of Atlantis was a battle between the Colcheans lead by witch of Colchis, Pasiphae, against the Atlantean people lead by Queen Ariadne.


Following her father's death, Ariadne was made aware of the Colchean army moving towards the City of Atlantis from Thera. During an operation inside the Atlantis palace, the Palladium was stolen, leading to disarray in the city. With Atlantis helpless, Pasiphae ordered an attack on the city to be organized by captain of the guard, Goran.

At nightfall, the Colcheans attacked the walls of the city, which was protected by Atlantean soldiers led by captain Dion. After carnage on the walls, and the Atlanteans forced retreat, the first wall of the city was breached and the Colcheans amassed inside.

Fighting stopped for a period and bodies were exchanged from both sides. During this interval, the Palladium was returned to the city and Queen Ariadne gave the people hope by revealing the statue to them.

Pasiphae called a second attack soon after, and they forced the Atlanteans right back to the heart of the city. However, the Colcheans were soon overrun by the previously deserting Atlantean soldiers who had returned to protect their kingdom. The Colcheans were forced to retreat and they were defeated. Ariadne restored the Palladium and Pasiphae disappeared once again with her army. (A New Dawn)