Animated Skeleton warriors are created through throwing Dragons teeth onto the earth and chanting spell. The teeth then sink into the earth and the living Skeleton then emerges out, armed with a sword. They will then attack those they encounter. Being Skeletons they only way to kill them is to smash there bones to pieces.


Upon killing the witch Circe, as a last act she threw several dragons teeth onto the ground and chanted the spell. After her death three Skeletons emerged and attacked Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules. The trio drew there swords to defend themselves from the creatures. Jason managed to stab one but his blade passed straight through it, the creature went to kill him however, at that point Hercules smashed it with his club that he was also carrying. Pythagoras managed to disarm one Skeleton, but the thing then overpowered him however Hercules saved him smashing it again with his club. Jason meanwhile managed to sever the last ones head, sending it flying with such force it collided against the wall and shattered, defeating the last one.

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