Vital statistics
Died Stabbed by Pasiphae
Affiliation Therus (messenger)
First Appearance White Lies
Portrayed by Daniel Adegboyega

Stolos was a messenger for Therus who was trying to contact his sister, Ariadne. Stolos entered the City of Atlantis secretively and conversed in private with Ariadne in the Atlantis palace, which he had also infiltrated. Spotted by the guards, he was chased through the palace until found by Pasiphae. He received an arrow to the back before he was captured.

Using witchcraft, Pasiphae tortured him into telling her why he wanted to speak with Ariadne. He explained that he wanted to rob her, but the Queen knew that he was lying. After revealing all the information, he was needed any longer and so Pasiphae stabbed him dead. (White Lies)

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