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Prince of Aegina
Telamon of Aegina son of Aeacus
Gender: Male
Appearances: Telemon
The Marriage of True Minds
Portrayed by: Clive Standen

Cities don't make alliances, people do.
~ Telemon[src]

Telemon (historically Telamon), is an exiled prince of Aegina, son of king Aeacus and the servant of the God Apollo. He arrived in Atlantis to compete in the Coronation Games and win the heart of Queen Ariadne. However he was secretly working for Pasiphae.


Early Life[]

At one point Telemon was imprisoned in the salt mines of Hydra, he claimed that this was because in his youth and arrogance he had ran away, and accidentally got involved with a bunch of pirates. When caught his father insisted on no special treatment, and as a result he was branded and took to wearing an archer's brace to hide his mark.

His relationship with his father ruined, he was banished from his home and sent into exile. Desperate to find another one, he made an alliance with Pasiphae, who promised if he helped in her plan and killed Ariadne he would have a spot in her royal court.

The Coronation Games[]

Arriving in Atlantis for the Coronation games, Telemon was apparently ambushed by thieves, but was saved by Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules who were in the wood training for the games and agreed to give him a room for the night. However Pythagoras was suspicious of him as he didn't have any baggage and didn't look like he had been sleeping in the woods for days.

At the games, Telemon's identity for revealed, making Pythagoras more suspicious. At the palace he met with Ariadne for the first time, and claimed he had no retinue with him cause his father would have never have let him compete in the games and thus he came alone. He also began his process of courting her.

As the games carried on, Telemon won his first match, but was recognised by Areto who had also been in the salt mines. Telemon denied the connection, but Pythagoras overheard and went to talk to her. She revealed that she was sure she had seen him as you don't forget who you served in that hell with. Telemon however overheard. Later Areto was found dead, apparently from the shock; however, it is implied Telemon had murdered her.

Carrying on courting Ariadne, he learned that there was another who had her affections. Meanwhile in the games Telemon continued to win. His suspicions mounting, Pythagoras confronted him in front of everyone. Telemon admitted serving in the salt mines and gave his story of how he had gotten the mark, and another warrior Leonidas vouched for him, claiming to have seen him and his father together in Aegina. However Pythagoras was still suspicious, and Hercules was convinced he couldn't be trusted.

Carrying on with Ariadne, he managed to convince her to tell him more about her other love, whom she confessed she could never marry. After seeing Ariadne visiting Jason after he won another fight, Telemon realised it was Jason who she was in love with. As such, he bribed Leonidas to throw the fight and let him win, so he would be sure he would face Jason. That night he went to Ariadne, and told her he knew, and stated he needed to know if it was pointless, Ariadne agreed to give him her answer tomorrow.

In the fight, Telemon smuggled a dagger into the Arena. However, Jason proved to be too good and defeated Telemon. Telemon tried to stab him, but Jason managed to overpower him. Knowing he lost, Telemon played the good sport and congratulated Jason. That night he went to Ariadne and claimed there was no shame in losing to Jason. He then asked her for her answer, and Ariadne agreed to marry Telemon. (Telemon)

After agreeing to be married, Ariadne decided to travel to Aegina to receive Telemon's father's consent. With the intention of it being a trap, Telemon returned to those he was affiliated with, Pasiphae and Medea to uphold a ritual of Colchis.


Telemon about to kill Ariadne.

With an Atlantean entourage, Telemon and his new fiancé were escorted across the desert lands towards the city of Aegina under direct control from captain, Dion. Whilst travelling through a canyon in the desert, the entourage was ambushed due to Telemon's betrayal. In the madness of the ambush, Telemon grabbed Ariadne and was about to kill her before realising he couldn't go through with it and instead ran escaping the carnage.

Later, he was reunited with Pasiphae and Medea who enquired about his task. He confessed that he did not kill her, and Pasiphae was frustrated declaring he had failed her. As she couldn't kill him (as he was of royal blood) she left Telemon injured in the desert, with a skin of water and a sword, which Medea then threw into the skin, so most of the water would escape. (The Marriage of True Minds)


  • Swordsmanship: Telemon was a skilled warrior, commonly dual wielding a pair of Makharia's, he defeated several of the greatest warriors in Greece during the Coronation Games, but was beaten by Jason.