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Episode 3, Series 2

Broadcast: 29th November 2014
Starring: Hercules - Mark Addy
Jason - Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras - Robert Emms
Telemon - Clive Standen
Ariadne - Aiysha Hart
Dion - Vincent Regan
Areto - Lashana Lynch
Leonidas - Philip Correia
Alytarch - Gary Oliver
Choreon - unknown
Writer: Richard McBrien
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Viewers: 4.65million
Previous: A New Dawn Part 2
Following: The Marriage of True Minds

Telemon is the third episode of the second series of BBC's Atlantis and the sixteenth episode of the overall series. The episode was written by Richard McBrien and directed by Justin Molotnikov. This was the introduction of recurring character, Telemon.


Ariadne is formally crowned queen, but with Pasiphae still at large and the city struggling in the aftermath of battle, Atlantis remains vulnerable indeed. So when an enigmatic stranger arrives offering salvation, he proves hard to resist. But his proposal is far from straightforward - will the cost be too much for Ariadne to bear?

As Jason fights for glory on the tournament ground, Ariadne embarks on her own private battle. Hers is a contest of head over heart, but which will win out only she can decide.


At the Temple of Poseidon, Ariadne is finally officially crowned and the people welcome their new Queen. As the coronation ends, she walks with Dion, asking if Pasiphae has been found which he negates. Ariadne identifies that nobody wishes to ally with a weakened Atlantis, and Dion draws her attention towards the Coronation Games and Atlantis' champion which she is yet to choose. She tells him to choose someone from the Royal Guard but Dion insists that Jason is the natural choice. Ariadne protests, saying it would be inappropriate when Dion points out he is the best swordsman in Atlantis. Dion persists, saying Jason can give the suffering people a victory.

Back at their home, Hercules and Pythagoras tell Jason that he ought to refuse the Queen's request, and Pythagoras tells him there is no point as he and Ariadne can never be together. Jason snaps that he isn't doing it for Ariadne but is instead doing it for the city. Hercules states that these are no ordinary games and that they will attract the finest people in all of Greece. Jason says that it is an honour, ignoring Hercules' remonstrations that he could die. As Jason leaves, Hercules throws a clay pot at the door, and it shatters as a frustrated Hercules asks how Jason can be so stupid. Pythagoras goes to clean the mess as Hercules tries to cope with his new-found knowledge regarding Jason. Pythagoras asks what has been troubling him and Hercules says he can't say - the mathematician deduces it is about Jason and so states that he ought to know and so Hercules gravely informs his friend that Pasiphae is Jason's mother. Pythagoras excitedly states that Jason needs to know as he has royal blood and starts to say what would happen if Ariadne knew but Hercules interrupts him, repeating the Oracle's warnings about Jason if he should ever learn the truth. He tells him that they have been chosen to protect their friend.

The trio are in the woods as Jason practices his sword-fighting skills on a shielded Pythagoras, under the instruction of Hercules. As Hercules goes to teach Jason how to use a Machaira, they hear distant shouts in the forest and all run towards the source of the noise.There they find bandits surrounding a man who is outnumbered and so the three join the fight until all the bandits have been brought down. They introduce themselves to the stranger who identifies himself as Telemon, on his way to Atlantis to compete in the Coronation Games. Hercules tells him that he will be going up against Atlantis' very best and points at Jason.

Telemon accompanies the trio back to Atlantis, where they give him a lodging in their home. He gives Hercules a cask of Lemnian wine out of gratitude and Hercules' heart has been won - Pythagoras, however, remains unconvinced and voices his suspicions about the new arrival, saying his story doesn't entirely match up. Hercules tells his friend that Telemon is fine, and instead they need to be worrying about Jason.

A presentation ceremony is being held in the arena where all the contestants are announced to Ariadne. Jason is announced to tremendous cheer (instigated in large by Hercules) and thereafter Telemon is announced as Prince of Aegina, much to the surprise of Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules, Ariadne and Dion. Back home, the trio discuss how Telemon never even mentioned his royal statues to them, with Pythagoras insisting that something about him is not quite right. Telemon is brought in to see Ariadne and the two exchange apologies about not presenting themselves to each other earlier. Ariadne brings up Telemon's lack of retinue and he tells her that his father would never have approved of his partaking in the Games. He asks her has she never felt the burden of royalty and so tells her that he wanted to cast off the same burden by entering the games unknown. Telemon hints that he is not here just to win the Games but also to win her hand in marriage as his father thinks their two cities would make good allies. She asks him for his thoughts and he tells her that it is people that make alliances, not cities, and that is why he came alone.

Jason's time in the arena starts in spectacular fashion, with him quickly disarming his opponent. Telemon waits in the wings for his turn and is approached by Areto who asks if they know each other. She references the prison in the Salt Mines of Hydra, but he insists they don't know each other, and the two leave, not noticing Pythagoras who had been listening to their entire conversation.


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The episode was broadcast at 20:15 on the 29th of November, 2014 on BBC One. It was repeated on BBC Three on Friday the 5th of December, the following week.


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