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The Temple of Poseidon
Temple outside
Vital statistics
Type Temple
Location City of Atlantis
Inhabitants The Oracle
Appearances The Earth Bull

The Temple of Poseidon is a sacred place in the City of Atlantis where Atlanteans receive knowledge from their god, Poseidon. It is also where the Oracle is situated. The Oracle deals in prophecies and destiny. She can foresee the future and can tell people their fate.

Fires burn in large receptacles all through the temple and there is the huge statue of a bull in the main hall. In a separate chamber, the Oracle sees people. She uses animal sacrifice, at one point killing a chicken with a large knife and spilling it's blood into a golden dish of water.

Jason visited the Oracle in order to gain information about his missing father. Whilst he was there he saw Hercules, who had visited the temple and found out that he would have to face the Minotaur. (The Earth Bull)

Known disciples of Poseidon[]


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