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The Dying of the Light

Season 2, Episode 10

Broadcast: 2nd May 2015
Writer: Lucy Watkins
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Viewers: TBC
Previous: The Gorgon's Gaze
Following: Kin

The Dying of the Light is the tenth episode of the second series of BBC's Atlantis and the twenty-third episode of the overall series. It is written by Lucy Watkins and directed by Justin Molotnikov.


Jason, with his heart blackened by the knowledge of who his mother is, continues to be on the run with his friends, though his arrogance and harshness shocks them. Pythagoras learns that, after sneaking into Atlantis to consult with Melas, that Jason's father is the key to balancing the dark and light within him, and give him the love to counter Pasiphae's influence. Pythagoras locates Aeson, Jason's father, but they are attacked by soldiers before Aeson has the chance to speak to Jason. Medea arrives, and betrays the wishes of Pasiphae by coming to the aid of Jason.