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The Earth Bull Transcript

Episode 1, Series 1

Black stone
Broadcast: 28th September 2013
Main Crew: Casting Director - Andy Pryor

Make-up and Hair Designer - Jody Williams
Costume Designer - Jane Spicer
Production Accountant - Laurence Parker
Sound Recordist - Adrian Bell
Post Production Supervisor - Clare Buxton
Visual Effects - Vine FX
Editor - Simon Reglar
Music composed by - Rob Lane
Vocals by - Azam Ali
Music performed by - BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Production Designer - Paul Cripps
Director of Photography Dale McCready
Associate Producer - Gareth Williams
Co-Producers - Rachel Knight & Amanda Wilkie
Commissioning Editor - Bethan Jones
Executive Producers - Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy & Howard Overman
Director - Justin Molotnikov
Writer - Howard Overman

Moroccan Crew: Production Supervisor - Claude Albouze

Production Executive - Benedicte Bellocq
Production Accountant - Touria Benali
Production Co-ordinators - Saida Yahyaoui & Simo El Meziane
Location Manager - Touria Benali
First Assistant Director - Tarik Ait Ben Ali
Gaffer - Driss Marzak
Grip - Abdelghani Rifki
Art Director - Aziz Hamichi
Props Buyer - Abidenbi Izlaguen
Moroccan Production Service Facilities Provided by - Agora

Other Crew: First Assistant Director - Simon Aguirre

Second Assistant Director - Adam Byles
Third Assistant Director - Delmi Thomas
Floor Runner - Jonathan Warrilow
Production Manager - Alexandra Kosevic
Production Co-ordinator - Claire Riley
Production Secretary - Chris Rankin
Runner/Drivers - Lauren Smith & Hannah Cooke
Rushes Runner - Paul Atkinson
Unit Driver - Brian Scott
Script Supervisor - Lucy Enfield
Location Manager - Paul Pearson
Assistant Accountant - Helen Searle
Second Assistant Accountant - Owen Neary
Casting Associate - Alice Purser
Casting Assistant - Ri McDaid-Wren
Head of Production for Urban Myth - Sara Hamill
Assistant Script Editor - Delyth Scud
Unit Photographer - Nick Briggs
Language Consultants - Dr. Nicholas Ostler & Dr. Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Second Unit Director - Louisa Fielden
Second Unit director of Photography - Dave Garbett
Camera Person - Ivan Meagher
Second Camera Trainee - Katy Kardasz
Camera Trainee - Max Friswell
Key Grip - Craig Atkinson
Assistant Grip - Sam Reeves
Gaffer - Gary Chaisty
Best Boy - Mark Day
Electricians - Owen Richards, Simon Tanner & Danny O'Brien
Rigging Electrician - Shay Gallagher
Second Unit Sound Recordist - Adam Ridge
Additional Boom Operator - Mark Elson
Art Directors - Tristan Peatfield & Stacey Dickinson Draughtsman - Mark Stonehouse
Art Department Assistant - Matthew Clarke
Storyboard Artist - Jenny Turner
Production Buyer - Katie Scopes
Property Master - Jason "Big J" Wood
Dressing Props - David Chisholm & Huw Pearce
Standby Props - Silas Williams & Ron Dowling
Construction Manager - Joseph Craig
Scenic Artist - John Pinkerton
Special Effects - Colin Gorry Effects
Stunt Co-ordinator - David Forman
Stunt Performers - Andrew Lister, Cedric Proust, James Embree & Tolga Kenan Wireman - Jason Oettle
Costume Supervisor - Samantha Cousins
Costume Standbys - Beth Johnson & Lloyd Middleton
Crowd Costume Mistress - Amy Clarke
Costume Assistant - Andrea Davies
Make-up Artists - Maria Zimmerman, Rosie Octon & James Spinks
Assistant Editors - Laura Kettle & Dean Harding
Colourist - Kevin Horsewood
On-Line Editor - Scott Hincliffe
DI Editor - Damion Katwaroo Dubbing Mixers - Ben Baird & Chips Paul
Dubbing Editors - Jamie McPhee & Alexej Mungersdorff

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This is a transcript of the first of episode of Atlantis, The Earth Bull.

Scene 1[]


Maguire: You look just like him. Your dad. He'd stand there, just staring at the ocean. I don't suppose there's any way I can talk you out of going down there.

Jason: You could try, but.. you'd be wasting your time.

Maguire: Even if you locate the wreckage of his sub, what then?

Jason: I have to know what happened to him.

Maguire: Do you think your dad would have wanted you to risk your life?

Jason: When he took the sub down...he knew he wasn't coming back. (Shows his uncle a necklace) He gave it to me before he left. He told me that one day I'd understand.

I need to know.

Maguire: I hope you find it...whatever it is you're looking for.

(Inside a submarine, Jason is hoisted into the water.)

Maguire: You're clear to dive.

Jason: Roger that.

(In the water, Jason's submarine descends. On the sea bed, the submarine uses its headlights to search. Jason spots his father's submarine destroyed. With the name, Oracle. There's a bright white light and suddenly Jason's submarine is savaged by a freak storm. The glass window breaks and he is sucked out. In Atlantis, the Oracle opens her eyes and stares is a daze as her entire face is soon shown.)

Scene 2[]


The Oracle: Jason. (whispers)

(Jason appears from beneath the waves on a beach. He awakens from his dazed state and looks around. He suddenly finds himself nude and while covering himself up, he calls out to others to try and catch their attention.)

Jason: Hey! Hey! Hey!

(Unable to catch their attention, he finds some clothes and calls out again.)

Jason: Hey!

(He decides to put the clothes on and head for the nearest habitation. In the distance, he sees Atlantis. Climbing over mountains and rivers, he finally reaches the city.)

Scene 3[]

[City of Atlantis]

(Intrigued, Jason investigates the city. After walking through the market streets, he finds a sleeping creature. He leans in closer.)

Jason: I'm dreaming.

(The creature tries to bite him, but he moves away. He is then chased down the market by the creature, knocking over carts and people. Find a basket, he smothers the creatures and beats them with a stick. With the creature killed, the guards arrive.)

Jason: (realising that they are here for him) No, no, no. This lizard thing attacked me.

(He is then chased by guards through Atlantis. He knocks over more people.)

Jason: (calls out) Sorry!

(Climb up the walls, a guard takes a shot at him. It pierces his arm. He is almost trapped until he takes a leap down into the city and lands on a residence. He rolls down the roof and takes one arm around the balcony as he falls. Inside the house, Pythagoras comes to his rescue.)

Jason: Ah! Oh!

(Pythagoras pulls him onto the balcony. Jason falls on top of him.)

Jason: Thank you! Thanks, thank you.

Scene 4[]

[Hercules' Home]

Pythagoras: What exactly were you doing out there?

Guard: Search every house! Find him! Open up in there!>

Jason: I didn't do anything. One minute I was on the sub, and there was something in the water, a white light, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up on the beach, and there's this city, and everyone's wearing strange clothes, and there's a two-headed lizard, and people with swords, they're chasing me, and they're firing arrows at me. I know it's insane.

Pythagoras: What's a sub?

(Someone knocks on the door.)

Guard: Open up! Open up! By order of King Minos, open up!

Jason: (tries to stop Pythagoras) No! Please. Please.

(The door is opened.)

Pythagoras: Who is it you're looking for?

Guard: A fugitive.

(The house is searched thoroughly with a few tables and clothes upturned and thrown asunder.)

Pythagoras: No! No! No. That's mine! No. As you can see, there is no-one else here.

(Angered, the guard tips over Pythagoras' table, tipping all his papers onto the ground and leaves.)

Pythagoras: Really?

(After they're gone, Pythagoras lifts up a trapdoor underneath the wooden floorboards and reveals Jason. He is wounded badly and so Pythagoras treats his arm.)

Jason: Argh! What happened?

Pythagoras: You passed out. You've lost a lot of blood.

Jason: Where am I?

Pythagoras: You're in Atlantis.

Jason: Atlantis? As in the Lost City of Atlantis? As in the mythological city under the ocean?

Pythagoras: Why do you call it lost? How could a city exist under the ocean? Surely everyone would drown?

Jason: Either I'm dreaming or I'm hallucinating. Or I'm dead. Am I dead?

Pythagoras: No, you're very much alive, although I think you're delirious. I'm sorry. I'm forgetting my manners. I'm Pythagoras.

Jason: Pythagoras? You're joking? You're the triangle guy.

Pythagoras: How did you know I've been thinking about triangles?

Jason: I'm in Ancient Greece.

(Hercules enters)

Hercules: And who, pray tell, is this?

Pythagoras: You didn't tell me your name.

Jason: It's Jason.

Pythagoras: He was injured, the guard were after him.

Hercules: And you chose to hide him here? Are you out of your mind?

Pythagoras: Don't mind Hercules.

Jason: You're Hercules?

Hercules: I see my reputation has preceded me. Tell me. What have you heard? Do people tell stories? What do they say?

Pythagoras: Well, they generally say you're getting fat.

Hercules: I'm not fat! I am heavily built, powerful. I have big bones.

Pythagoras: In your stomach?

Hercules: You'll have to excuse my friend. He is under the deluded impression that he is amusing. Tell me. Your injury. Can you walk?

Jason: Yes. I think so.

Hercules: Good. Then we shan't detain you any longer. I'm sure you're a good man, an excellent man, but I, for one, am not about to risk my neck to save yours. See that he's gone by the time I get back.

Pythagoras: Where are you going?

Hercules: That is none of your concern.

Pythagoras: So, what bring Atlantis?

Jason: I was searching for my father.

Pythagoras: He lives here in Atlantis?

Jason: I don't know. I...I don't know where to start.

Pythagoras: Your necklace. I have seen this symbol before.

Jason: Where?

Pythagoras: In the Temple of Poseidon. It is the mark of the Oracle. If you're looking for your father, she may be able to help you.