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The Grey Sisters

Series 2, Episode 6

The Grey Sisters
Broadcast: 20th December 2014
Starring: Hercules - Mark Addy
The Oracle - Juliet Stevenson
Pasiphae - Sarah Parish
Jason - Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras - Robert Emms
Ariadne - Aiysha Hart
Orpheus - Ronald Pickup
Medea - Amy Manson
Cilix - Lorcan Cranitch
Deina - Sally Dexter
Enyo - Ellie Haddington
Pemphredo - Susan Brown
Goran - Peter de Jersey
Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Declan O'Dwyer
Viewers: 5.69 Million
Previous: The Day of the Dead
Following: A Fate Worse Than Death

The Grey Sisters is the sixth episode of the second series of BBC's Atlantis and the nineteenth episode of the overall series. It was written by head writer Howard Overman and directed by Declan O'Dwyer.


Jason in running through a forest after Medea who has just stabbed Ariadne. Jason stops when he loses sight of Medea, who has taken to hiding behind a tree to get away from him. Hercules stops Jason alerting him to the fact that Ariadne needs emergency medical attention and they must travel back to Atlantis immediately if she has any hope of surviving. Jason reluctantly agrees.

When they arrive back in Atlantis they are greeted by a group of healers who take Ariadne to her chambers.

Jason and Hercules wait patiently for news, while The Oracle is sent for to come and heal her with Pythagoras's help. Hercules tries to get Jason's spirit up but Jason beings to blame himself for trusting Medea. They manage to stop the bleeding. Jason is allowed to go in to see her.

Hercules and Orpheus talk over a meal about loved ones after Orpheus announces he needs to get Eurydice's funeral organised and never to give up on love.

Jason wakes up next to Ariadne finding the bed sheets are covered in blood. The Oracle examines the dagger used to stab Ariadne, realising that the blade has been enchanted with colichin magic which she can not undo. Instead she advises Jason to see the Grey Sisters and ask them if they know of any cure because they are the most powerful seers in the world. The Oracle also tells Jason that they will tell him things he will not want to know.

As the three are travelling to find the Grey Sisters, Hercules is feeling depressed because Jason and Orpheus wouldn't give up on their love ones and Pythagoras knows Hercules is thinking of Medusa. Hercules starts blaming himself for not finding a cure to her curse.

Jason travels to see the Grey Sisters who tell him the only cure is to anoint the wound with the blood of the sorceress. The Grey Sisters tells Jason where Medea is after Jason threatens to cut their eye (how they see and sees the future) in half. Jason wanting nothing but to kill her, the sisters start laughing to what he wants, the sisters tells Jason that he will not be able to kill Medea, saying their fates are connected and without her, all he wants will be lost and one day discover that in a far off land.

Hercules, Pythagoras and Jason venture out to Pasiphae's castle. Pythagoras try's to understand what the Grey Sisters had meant and what will happen if Jason kills her and telling all of this to Hercules.

While travelling through the forest Hercules is bitten by a mosquito, drawing blood which attracts a carnivorous species called the Stymphalian Birds which attack the trio. They are forced to take shelter in a cave like structure until Hercules wounds stop bleeding. Anxious to find a cure Jason leaves Hercules and Pythagoras to find Medea.

Jason manages to sneak in to quickly kill Medea but couldn't because he had a feeling inside of him that Medea also had: she has also been touched by the Gods like Jason. Medea tells Jason that he senses something in her as she has for him and he can't deny it. Unable to kill her, he knocks her out, slits her wrist and manages to poor some blood into the vial that Pythagoras had given him. He is caught however and is knocked unconscious.

As Jason is unconscious, Pasiphae is watching him. Medea wakes up and tells Pasiphae she doesn't know why Jason had spared her life and if he is to die. Pasiphae says it isn't that simple and tells Medea that Jason is her son to Medea's surprise.

Pythagoras hinting that Jason has return to Hercules as his wounds are healing. They believe he could be caught, killed, ran into Pasiphae and killed her or Jason discovered the truth about his mother, until Hercules' wounds heal, they wait.

While in prison Jason is visited by Pasiphae who tries to convince him that they have common enemies looking to overthrow Atlantis and the only way they can defeat them is by uniting against them.

Jason tells Pasiphae that the reason he came to Atlantis was because to find his father and telling her he is dead. Pasiphae starts asking Jason what he knows about his mother, saying he has no memory of her and his father had never said anything believing the memory of her was too painful. Jason starts wondering why Pasiphae is asking about himself, Pasiphae believes if Jason knew the truth they can be allies.

Pasiphae wanting to tell Jason the truth about herself, before she could Jason tries to strangle Pasiphae before guards come and stop him. By this point Pasiphae fears that Jason is beyond her help so decides to poison him rather than become enemies, Medea is shocked to what Pasiphae is about to do. By this point Hercules' wounds have healed enough so alongside Pythagoras go to save Jason.

They find him in the cells, and get him out just in time. Pasiphae tries to pursue them but fails. On the way out of the castle Jason catches sight of Medea. They share a look before Jason leaves.

Once getting out of the castle, Jason reveals that he didn't kill Medea to Hercules and Pythagoras and how Pasiphae was sparing his life. Hercules and Pythagoras had thought that Pasiphae had told him the truth about Jason's mother, but she didn't.

Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules travel back to Atlantis with a vial of Medea's blood. They treat Ariadne. At the end of the episode Ariadne proposes to Jason, who lingers on the answer for a while before agreeing.