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The Oracle
Oracle shot
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: The Earth Bull
A Girl By Any Other Name
Twist of Fate(mentioned only)
White Lies
The Song of the Sirens
The Furies
Pandora's Box
The Price of Hope
Touched by the Gods Part 1
Touched by the Gods Part 2
A New Dawn Part 1
A New Dawn Part 2
The Grey Sisters
A Fate Worse Than Death(death)
Portrayed by: Juliet Stevenson

The images I see are fleeting. They can be interpreted in many ways.
~ Oracle[src]

The Oracle is a seer whom the Atlanteans seek knowledge from in the Temple of Poseidon. She has an ally in a high priest of the temple, Melas.


Meeting Jason[]

She foresaw that Jason would return to his home world. When he visited the Temple of Poseidon, she told him very little about his father, believing that it wasn't best to tell him everything. (The Earth Bull)

When Jason returned to the Temple, he questioned her lack of answers. She explained that everything would become clear soon. When he returned from his journey to the Temple of Dionysus, he claimed that while he searched for Demetria, perhaps fate brought Medusa back to Atlantis. She added that the fact that the Satyr were afraid of him only proved his destiny. She assured him that he was different from the rest of the men. (A Girl By Any Other Name)

When King Laius arrived in the City of Atlantis, the Oracle warned him that his son would kill him and marry his mother. (Twist of Fate)

Pasiphae came to protest to the Oracle for promising her that Therus had died. The Oracle considered this and replied that her powers sometimes stretched too far and she could not see the clearest of the future. She told Pasiphae not to react too badly to his arrival in the world as it might ruin her position in Atlantis. (White Lies)

The Oracle told Melas to call for Jason in order for her to unveil a recurring dream of hers to him. She explained to Jason that the dream consisted of a powerful individual shrouded in darkness on a mountain. She warned Jason that this individual's hope was to reach him.

She was visited by Jason once more when he revealed that he had met Circe who had asked him to murder Pasiphae in return for saving Medusa and Hercules his friends. The Oracle was unhappy with this and she examined the symbol on his arm and knew that he could not break the oath he had made. (The Song of the Sirens)

She was met by Pythagoras in the Temple, and asked by him to predict the risks of travelling to Helios with his brother, Arcas. The Oracle knew the consequences of his arrival and Pythagoras' survival, but she left the final choice for Pythagoras to make. She perhaps didn't know what fate would befall him in his confrontation with the Furies, until Jason interfered. (The Furies)

Pandora's Box was given to the Oracle by Jason who asked whether she knew that Medusa would suffer the curse. She replied that she knew, but could not have known the reason. She became concerned when Jason questioned his own destiny and when he explained that he wished to defy it in the future and would never hurt Medusa. (Pandora's Box)

Hercules' Destiny[]

The Oracle felt the anger of Poseidon when the Palladium was stolen from the Atlantis palace, and she warned Jason that terrible events had only just begun. She offered him a liquid to drink, which allowed his mind to dream for a moment about the future. (A New Dawn Part 1)

Hercules paid the Oracle a visit after the battle for Atlantis against the Colchean army has ended. He spoke to her about what he witnessed on the battlefield when Pasiphae had saved Jason from harm. The Oracle explained that Jason was Pasiphae's son, and that Hercules' destiny was to protect him from this secret. (A New Dawn Part 2)

When Queen Ariadne returned from her journey to Aegina mortally wounded after being stabbed by Medea, the Oracle tried to heal her using some protective spells, but found that they weren't clotting the blood. Instead, she found that the blade that had been used had been cursed and the blood of Medea was needed to sustain Ariadne's life. (The Grey Sisters)

After Jason announced his wish to marry Ariadne, the Oracle wished to receive clarification from the Gods. Soon after, Pasiphae had a spy infiltrate Atlantis who soon learnt of the news. She then sent a group of masked men to abduct the Oracle, and her and Medea conspired to kill her by tricking Medusa into doing so, as well as using her as leverage against Jason's friend Hercules. By the time Jason had arrived however, it was too late to save the Oracle as she has been set to stone. (A Fate Worse Than Death)

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Precognition: The act of foreseeing future events and happenings. She can only see what the gods allow her to. It has been made clear that they do not allow her to see her own future and she's often seen chanting and sacrificing animals to get a better picture around the future. But according to the Oracle some future happenings can be confusing and hard to understand. She can't change the outcome of the future, but she can push it.
    • Psychometry: The ability to read a person or an objects past or future. She showed this ability upon Medea's dagger, via a spoken ritual. By holding it she was able to see its process and learn the secrets of the spell Meda had placed upon it. (The Grey Sisters)
  • Healing: The Oracle saved Queen Ariadne when she had been stabbed by Medea, and was on her deathbed. Also, on another occasion The Oracle knew how to cure King Minos, when he was on his deathbed after being poisoned by Phasipae. The King survived after being in the grave condition he was in.


You were drawn here by forces so powerful that they stretch between the worlds.
~ The Oracle to Jason.[src]
Jason: "My mother? I was told that she died shortly after I was born. Is this true? Who was she?"
The Oracle: "[Lip trembles] There are some things that even I can not see."
— Jason seeks answers from the Oracle.[src]
Melas: "Why did you not tell him the truth?"
The Oracle: "[With tears in her eyes] Because- It'll be much safer for him if he doesn't know who he really is."
Melas questions the Oracle about Jason.[src]


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