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The Queen Must Die

Series 2, Episodes 12

Broadcast: 16th May 2015
Starring: Hercules - Mark Addy

Pasiphae - Sarah Parish Daedalus - Robert Lindsay Jason - Jack Donnelly Pythagoras - Robert Emms Ariadne - Aiysha Hart Medea - Amy Manson Icarus - Joseph Timms Cilix - Lorcan Cranitch Diocles - Henry Garrett Melas - Ken Bones Cassandra - Anya Taylor-Joy Goran - Peter De Jersey Leon - Chris Reilly Straton - Jason Baughan Lino - Jason Cheater

Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Julian Murphy
Viewers: 2.51 million
Previous: Kin
Following: N/A

The Queen Must Die is the double length finale consisting of the twelfth episode of the second series of BBC's Atlantis, and the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth episodes of the overall series. It is written by head writer Howard Overman and directed by Julian Murphy.

It serves as the finale of the Atlantis series after it was decided by the BBC to not recomission the show. [1]


Double length episode. After breaking into the amphitheatre, Jason frees the prisoners so that they may fight alongside him in an attempt to regain Atlantis. However, after Icarus' betrayal, many of the prisoners are killed after they walk into an ambush. Hercules marries Jason and Ariadne in the forest, and Medea later informs Jason in secret how to kill Pasiphae once and for all. Jason heeds her advice, and after returning to Atlantis as King and with Ariadne by his side as Queen, they become aware that there are still those who wish to thwart them. Through the power of sorcery, Pasiphae is resurrected and again takes the throne and brings the city to its knees, forcing Jason and his friends to hide once more. Jason realizes, as does Cassandra through a vision, that to finally bring the dark queen down, he must take on one last adventure, for which Medea awaits him on a distant shore.